Anti-Anxiety Medication Survey

If you have taken an anti-anxiety medication, sleep medication, anti-psychotic, or any other miscellaneous medications to treat your reaction, please take a moment and fill out this survey. Although it looks long, it should only take a few moments. Results will be used to help shed light on a ongoing controversy in the evolution of FQ reactions. Thank You.

Name of FQ you took?:

Reaction Month and Year?:

What type of Reaction do you believe that you had, or are having?
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What Type of anti-anxiety/sleep medication did you take?:

A. Did you take a Benzodiazapine?
NoYes. What type and how long?

B. Did you take a SSRI?
NoYes. What type and how long?

C. Did you take a Sleep Medication?
NoYes. What type and how long?

D. Did you take some other kind of anti-anxiety medication?
NoYes. What type and how long?

Do you believe that taking this medication hampered your recovery?
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