Changes to the MyQuinStory Forum

After some deliberation I decided to close/change the forum section for the website.  My decision is based on the difficulty of forum maintenance and streamlining my time management.

Unless you have done it, running your own forum, means having to constantly screen spam, fictitious users, and trolls, and that becomes a monumental task over time.  I had a few forum owners in the past share with me the problems they had with this and I did not appreciate it until now.  This seems to get worse as the internet becomes more diverse.  is a monumental task that takes an inordinate amount of time.

Unfortunately, being floxed, having to raise a family, and work with research uses an inordinate amount of time.   Because of this I am looking for ways to streamline my time and make the biggest bang with the limited amount of time I have.

As much as I lament having to use Facebook due to its design, lack of privacy, etc… I have to use it as a communication platform since so many people have told me they wish to communicate there. There are many Facebook groups (I believe over several dozen) devoted to various aspects of Fluoroquinolone support.  I actually only endorse only a very few and have a guide here.  Besides a person only has so much time and splitting them amongst several dozen groups can be quite tedious.

Conversely, there are some that have expressed that they do not use Facebook and will not do so.  Still others want me to keep some sort of discussion forum available.

I am striving to make my site as informative as possible with as many up-to-date links as possible to help FQ sufferers get the information and support they need.

Once I get sufficient feedback, I will determine if further action is needed to replace the forum.  Some options are to create a forum on a site that hosts numerous forums and let them handle all the tedious maintenance, create a Facebook discussion group just for MyQuinStory users, or use a regular newsletter.

I currently maintain a list of MyQuinStory subscribers so I can send out necessary information.  Believe me it is a very low use list, because I dislike receiving too many newsletters style updates just like the next guy.   So, if you are interested, sign up on my homepage and I will keep you posted as to the decision or any other pertinent facts.  Also, please contact me using my contact form or email to let me know your opinion.

Thank you.





David experienced an adverse event to the the fluoroquinolone Levaquin in 2007 at age 46. Prior to, he was a healthy law enforcement official. Now, disabled with drug induced mitochondrial disease/dysfunction, he is an FQ patient safety advocate, citizen scientist, FQ researcher, author, and commentator. He has contributed to case studies and published academic papers on the FQ’s in the BMJ, European Journal of Medicine, The Journal of Community and Supportive Oncology, Oxford Academic Clinical infectious Diseases, and contributed data to many more outlets.

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