Please note that the following protocol information is supplied as general information only, not as an endorsement by me or any other person.  These are based on anecdotal reports of helpfulness for certain sub-sets within the floxing community. The information has been supplied by various individuals and is not unique to the floxing community.    

Chronic Floxing Protocols

I only recommend these protocols for those who have been suffering from Chronic Floxing (FQAD) for several years and have a basic understanding of the various concepts contained.

For those who are newly floxed, please see the “What Helps” for general information.

These protocols offer no official medical advice and should be considered opinion. You are ultimately responsible for your own health.  I, or other contributors of these protocols “RECOMMEND” NOTHING, technically. They are offered as information and opinions.   No one is liable for any injury you suffer that seems to be related to anything you read here and thought that you understood.

Also, any statements made or supplements used in the following protocols have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Discuss all supplements, medications, and dietary changes with your medical doctor. 

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Chronic floxing is poorly understood and multi-factorial.  The Floxy patient population is ridiculously heterogeneous! These protocols were shared with me by others and they have helped enough people to warrant mentioning.  Please note, none of them have universally helped everyone who has tried them and there is always a calculated amount of risk in trying anything new.  


C60 Oil

C60 Oil for Floxing    This guide covers background information, cautions, dosing, and sources


Manipulating Mitochondrial Dynamics Protocol – Coming Soon

This advanced protocol is designed to use existing supplements repair dysfunctional mitochondria damaged by fluoroquinolones.  It exploits mitochondrial fusion and fission cycles to naturally repair damages mitochondria.   It is an advanced protocol. 

The Brain Fog, Fatigue and Inflammation (BFFI) Protocol

This more comprehensive protocol covers brain inflammation reduction and brain fog and fatigue improvement.