Please note that the following information is supplied as general information only and is based on anecdotal information supplied by various floxies.  These protocols are recommended only for those who have been suffering from Chronic Floxing for several years and consider themselves chronic stable or chronic declining.   For those who are newly floxed, please see the “What Helps” for general information.

This advice is not meant to replace the advice of your doctor or medical professional so please discuss all medication use, including supplements, with your doctor.   Reading this page any further assumes that you have read and agree with the disclaimer.  Also please note that the data contained herein can and will change as further information is obtained.

Chronic floxing is poorly understood and multifactorial.  The Floxy patient population is ridiculously heterogeneous! I have compiled these protocols based on information volunteered from those who are suffering in a chronically.

The “Base” Protocol

This basic protocol covers information about lipid repair and anti-oxidant support.

The Brain Fog, Fatigue and Inflammation (BFFI) Protocol

This more comprehensive protocol covers brain inflammation reduction and brain fog and fatigue improvement.