Donating to Academic Research

Unfortunately academic researchers investigating fluoroquinolones operate on limited funding.  If you know someone who wants to donate to the worthy goal of FQ research the follow links are provided.   Most donations should be tax deductible but please check with your tax advisor for specific questions.

Dr. Golomb – University of California Sand Diego (UCSD)

Dr. Golomb accepts no financial support for her research from the pharmaceutical industry.  Her team is always accepting donations to the “Fluoroquinolone Effects Study” care of UCSD.  To learn how to donate to Dr. Golomb’s work you can go here: Instructions on how to contribute are listed.

Dr. Mark Noble – University of Rochester

To donate to the U of R for FQ research go to:
To insure that the money goes for FQ Research, donors should select “Choose where you’d like to designate your gift“ and in the space next to the “Other – Gift Designation:” you can indicate allocation code A09840.  In the comments box you can type “FQ Toxicity Study”.

As an alternative, Checks can be made out to the University of Rochester and sent as below:
Attention: Jill Van Atta
FQ Toxicity Study
Dept. of Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Institute
University of Rochester Medical Center
601 Elmwood Ave., Box 633
Rochester, NY 14642