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The following is a lengthy article from Dr. Jack Kruse on Fluoroquinolone (FQ’s) Toxicity.  Dr. Kruse’s ideas on the mechanisms of FQ Toxicity were published on April 6, 2016 (1).  Dr. Kruse’s ideas are complex for the average reader, but I believe there is some insightful information that can be gleaned from it.  This, for me, has been confirmed from successes of varying levels, reported to me from floxed folks that have used some of these techniques, both intentionally and inadvertent, over the years.   Again these are not universal by any means, nor do I agree with everything Dr. Hack Kruse writes about, but it can give some folks ideas to research, especially sun light as therapy.  

One of the more important things is that you must understand how Cipro inflicts its damage. The drug, like many drugs now used in medicine, contains halogens which act as dielectric blockersDr Jack Kruse for water. The reason for this is that low molecular weight halogens are very electronegative and they love to capture electrons. A loss of electrons from collagen to halogens is a big problem. Why is that? Well, electrons are excited by light released from collagen when it in a cell. When collagen its helical structure due to a loss of electrons it loses its structural ability and its ability to carry energy using piezoelectricity. In technology who use silicon semiconductors, electron loss can also happen due to something called “gate leakage”.

Now here is where the story of biologic semiconduction gets interesting. Biologic gates are designed not to be leaky. Technology uses blue light and nnEMF which make our biologic semiconductors leaky by destroying the dielectric constant in cell water.

Brownian Motion

Brownian motion was discovered in 1827 in plants. What does it mean? = statistical motions of atoms. This implied that the second law of thermodynamics was not an absolute, but a statistical law. Maxwell proved this mathematically in 1867 and then came up with a term called Maxwell demon to describe its ability. In essence what the math described was a rectifying current in a modern semiconductor. So how did we go from atomic plant motions under a scope to Intel? Einstein realized 38 years later this the demon Maxwell was talking about in 1867 could actually be seen in the world. You just had to know where to look for it. Do you know, of Einstein’s 4 miracle papers of 1905 that the one on the Brownian motion is the one most cited? Yet, he won no prizes for it.

Maxwell was the first to show that the second law of thermodynamics had to be statistical. Einstein showed Brownian motion was the observation of the statistical event predicted by Maxwell. In the 1950’s science really upped this game when transistors and semiconductors were found. Why? Any trap door that opens in one direction only and requires a specific amount of energy to open it is essentially a Maxwell Demon. This idea alone is what gave birth to solid state devices we use today in all tech gadgets. What are they and how do they relate or disconnect cells from their life force?

Rectifiers let current pass in one direction and not in reverse, thereby converting AC currents to DC ones. In the 1960’s Dr. Robert O. Becker showed bone had a rectifying current built by light from the sun in the periosteum. Most MD’s still don’t know he did this that long ago. Shameful. The implication of these “light and electric gates” is that these semiconducting gates can randomly convert a fluctuating current of electrons in a membrane into a DC current that can be used for physiologic work. When we eat food and go out sometimes or remain connected to the Earth here and there we develop an alternating current in our cell membranes and mitochondria in a similar fashion.

Electrical Potential

The electrical potential of the cell membranes in eukaryotic cells stores the light energy in the electrons it captures photoelectrically. Captures light “excites” the electron. Any time an electron is captured by a semiconductor and it becomes a particle only and loses its wave ability.

These facts idea leads us to one conclusion: the electrical potential difference between two sides of a membrane can be harnessed and used to perform cellular work whenever it is needed. Why can energy be harvested in life, anytime it wants it? The photoelectric effect is instantaneous, therefore time is no longer an issue for energy transfer. We cannot observe light’s speed so for living things this is not part of our reality, but we know it is true. The speed of light in a tissue is the rate-limiting factor for a cell. What else is key to this understanding?

You begin to see why all eukaryotic membranes are loaded with DHA. They contain pi electron clouds that are waiting to be excited by incident light from the sun to store this energy for the cells uses later on. This explains why DHA has never been replaced one time in 600 million years of eukaryotic evolution, even though evolution is about change over time. Why is it a constant? It is the only lipid capable of turning sunlight into a DC electric current and a DC electric current back to light. What does it release its stored energy to in a cell? Water. What is its photo-electric adaptor or connector water? Potassium ions which act like a glue to make water molecules act differently than they do in a glass.

K+ is s special when it is married to water and light from the sun hits it. So how does this link to technology?

In the silicon integrated circuits, there is a metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor. It is a transistor used for amplifying or switching electronic signals. When the gate in this set is leaky, semiconductor engineers fix the problem by adding an insulator to the semiconductor to overcome the energy loss of the leaky gate. This insulator has to have a high dielectric value to work well and stop the leak.


In cells, water makes up 99% of the molecules because it is a small chemical. At birth, by weight humans are 75% water. If they get to their 8 decades their weight is 50-55% if they are healthy. This makes the point that cell water and health are inextricably linked. Water links to sunlight to build a huge battery. That better the battery is the longer and better you live.

Water has a very high dielectric constant at 78. K+ is a metal ion inside the cell filled with redox chemical. This makes it very similar to a semiconductor mentioned above. When you use fluoride or bromides in modern products, this lowers the dielectric constant of water everywhere in the cosmos and in your cells. This is not the only way to destroy the dielectric constant of water.

In FQ toxicity, specifically, it is precisely this molecular action on water means you develop a leaky semiconductor just like the leaky gate mentioned earlier. In human cells, we have two types of semiconductors, positive (P) and negative (N) semiconductor. When someone is “floxed” he or she develop a leaky gate in his or her cells that affect his or her collagen. There are many types of collagen in cells. For example, bone can develop a leaky P (apatite) and/or N semiconductor (collagen) because both collagen and water (the high dielectric insulator) altered by the halogen in the FQ antibiotics. This loss of energy at the gate position of your semiconductors causes huge energy losses. It lowers the exclusion zone in water. This reduces the electrons in water and does not allow it to absorb as much light. Light interacts with water photoelectrically. Photons can only interact with electrons according to quantum electrodynamics.

On short timescales, you can not overcome the electron loss in intracellular water (EZ) because of how halogens reduce an electron density in water chemistry. This is why chronic fatigue is always part of the syndrome. In other words, your cells have lost to the ability get the energy stored in their semiconductors whenever they need it. Without energy, fatigue rules a person’s existence when they have been “floxed”.

Water makes up 99% of molecules in every cell, so it is akin to driving a car constantly with a discharged battery due to a bad alternator. The battery just cannot recharge. In order to overcome the increase in energy loss in tech gear due to gate current leakage in silicon, a high-κ dielectric is used instead of silicon dioxide for the gate insulator, while polysilicon is replaced by metal gates. We can not do this in carbon-based semiconduction in cells. But you need to be aware that blue light exposure at night and non-native EMF day or night exacerbates this problem of electron loss. This is why “floxed patients” need to be very careful with modern gadgets. I have a sense this is why patients who are anesthetized by fluoridated anesthetics also have trouble with recover and often report worsening of their neuro-degeneration. This is one reason why isoflurane is no longer being widely used in medicine during surgery. In surgery, we have an environment that creates the perfect storm for mitochondria and the exclusion zone of water, namely, the use of fluoridated drugs in a strong blue-lit and nnEMF environment.

When you use these drugs, we need to avoid blue light and non-native EMF like the plague because of both un-zip collagen and break down the water-MINOS layer around the mitochondria even more. This further lowers the dielectric constant of water in a cell. This affects how all voltage-gated channels act within the cell. No drug can fix this type of mechanism because it alters the electrostatics binding affinity inside the cell. Only slow replacement of proteins and cell water with the addition of natural sunlight to the system can slowly help aid in a recovery. Sunlight can affect the viscosity of water inside a cell to alter the ATPase function (2).

This situation can also cause you to lose water inside the cell via dehydration. When we are born humans are 75% water but each decade we lose our % of water inside a cell. This lowers our tolerance for fluoridated chemicals as we age. Anytime you lose water you lose the ability to add light back to the system to create the battery that a mitochondrion uses to drive the ATPase inside a cell. This really limits the light energy that water can carry in your cells. In case you don’t know, Dr. Gerald Pollack has shown definitively that water is a repository for all electromagnetic radiations. Electromagnetic radiations = light; all light is not the same. Sunlight always is better than artificial light when it comes to biology. The reason for this unusual finding is that water inside a cell adjacent to our proteins likes some frequencies better than others. Our proteins are all fluorophores or chromophores. This implies they like purple (UV) and red IR light. Water specifically has a molecular love affair with UV and IR light and hates microwaves and blue light frequencies. Loss of electrons or water allows collagen to un-zip in all places of your cytoarchitecture. This can lead to tendinopathy and tendon rupture, chronic fatigue, neuropathy, and exacerbation of CNS and neuroimmune function because your mitochondria are losing electrons, dehydrating, using more calcium and magnesium, and the respiratory proteins stretch-out.

Mito Dysfunction/Disease

This slows electron chain transport. Any time ECT is slowed, diseases manifest because we need the excited electrons to store their light energy in our cells for use when we need it. This is called increase % heteroplasmy. If this happens sequentially over a few weeks of taking a prescription while your inside watching TV or on a laptop, your cellular architecture can be damaged badly in tissues where the halogens concentrate in to disrupt mitochondria and cell water. The reason chronic fatigue stays around is that no one realizes how the environment worsens and protracts the condition of water inside of cells. One of the best ways to limit the effect is getting AM light with UVA and IRA light to lower heteroplasmy rates in your mitochondria. In fact, IR-A light and cold thermogenesis can really help those who got “floxed” because it increases ATP.

This does not allow you to make as much energy from the water around the MINOS in mitochondria. You need to carefully read OSF #6 blog to get the full effects of what can happen. This is why being “floxed” can have many symptoms that seem disjointed to the clinicians who see these patients. Water chemistry is a big problem in “floxed” patients. To make repairs to the ecosystem in your cells, you need to replace the bad collagen, and dramatically improve the dielectric constant of intracellular water using the correct light frequencies. Water has a naturally high dielectric constant (78). In “floxed” people it drops like a lead weight.

In this case, when water can not carry the right amount of energy cells cannot signal properly to function. Think of a plant in your mind to make this point. If it has little water and not much sun will it grow and live well? No.

Realize water inside a cell, and the level of potassium ions (K+) in a cell are linked. Energy is tied to K+ and K+ are coupled to ATP levels. ATP converts mechanical energy to chemical energy. Light is what activates ATP. Red light specifically has been shown to increase ATP due to its effects on cytochrome 3 because it shrinks the geometry of the respiratory proteins. K+ ions also link to water molecules and in turn to ATP molecules stochastically. Stochastically = statistically. Here we are back to Brownian motion, Maxwell, and Einstein’s papers mentioned earlier.  What is the circle of life?

For Physics Geeks

For every 0.3 mEq below 3.8 mEq that potassium is on a standard blood lab draw, means there is 100 mEq deficit of potassium INSIDE a cell. This deficit causes a mitochondria to consume more calcium and it swells. This slows ECT because it increases the distance of the respiratory proteins. The atomic size is linked to the redox potential in a cell because it is linked to the electrostatic attraction in a cell. This is huge for potassium ions (K+) ability in “gluing of water”. Potassium ions are able to glue water because the ion’s atomic radius allows it to polarize in sunlight. When somebody is “floxed”, the polarization of the ion becomes smaller than cell water. This causes a huge electric problem in the cell because polarization energy of K+ is subtracted from Coulomb energy. Normally K+ is more polarizable than water, so polarization is added to the Coulomb energy in a cell. When fluoride or bromide are added to a cell for any reason, dielectric collapse occurs. This is precisely how the dielectric constant in water is destroyed in “floxed patients”. 

In the normal state of affairs when a cell is working and the patient is not “floxed”, this allows potassium to function as the optimal “photo-electrical adapter” to transfer energy throughout the cell coherently. It is also massively important in “floxed patients” because intracellular dehydration from EMF completely ruins this relationship and this is why they find it so hard to get better fast.

ATP is designed to unfold proteins fully to open their carbonyl and imino side chain groups on all amino acids to intracellular water. All proteins only function in a cell when they are surrounded by a hydration shell. This action allows binding and polarization to separate water into subatomic particles that are positively and negatively charged. This action is called building or expanding the exclusion zone (EZ) of water. Dr. Gerald Pollack’s experiments showed these effects. Dr. Gilbert Ling proved this by experiment that each molecule of ATP in a cell controls 8,800 water molecule binding sites and 20 potassium ions to allow water to become structured inside every cell of your body (Pollack and Ling referenced below).

Back Around to You, the Floxed

How does all this link back to life and you? The first step in photosynthesis and in mitochondrial oxidation/phosphorylation of electrons is to charge separate water. One wonders where a person or animal or plant begins and ends when you realize this linkage. The reality is that life is really a continuum of physics built upon the sliding scale of geometry on our respiratory proteins, to create amazing diversity. Ling was the first to realize K+ ions were linked water chemistry and eventually to the ATPase. This is the sliding scale a “floxed patient” needs to pay attention too. When the ATPase slows proteins remain unfolded and water cannot bind to them to transfer energy throughout the cell. So when you have altered poor K+ ion and you’re dehydrated by our modern world, your cell’s interior becomes pseudo-hypoxic and NAD+ levels drop. This cause mitochondria to swell and calcium homeostasis is lost. Cells begin to leak electrons and light in the form of ELF-UV light. This causes a redox shift of the mitochondria cytochromes and increases the distance between the respiratory proteins. In other words, your mitochondria down shift electron tunneling speeds, by slowing their ECT flow, to protect itself from short-circuiting. They do this because of the lack of electrons and water. This is why ketosis is a partial fix in “floxed” patients.  This becomes energy costly to a cell. Every stressed cell releases ELF-UV light. When this happens chronically in many tissues sequentially because of how drugs are prescribed your cells that need energy are starving for it.

This is what chronic fatigue is, fundamentally. It is a loss of energy transfers in a cell and associated with a light loss in the UV range and IR range. When light is lost, matter in a cell cannot be made properly. If substrates for biochemistry cannot be made cell function grinds to a halt. Cortisol is one of the hormones we need to work with collagen in our body to do many things. One of them is to unzip in the AM to wake us up. This is why many “floxed” people have sleep problems. AM sunlight is designed to make re-zip collagen in cells. It also helps make matter in cells.


Light builds hormones, like cortisol, by first building dopamine in our retina using aromatic amino acids that absorb UV light from the sun. People who are floxed and too tired to go outside get more ill. Staying indoors under blue light and using nnEMF compounds the illness. We see the same thing in Lyme disease and hypothyroidism. AM sunlight is used to power up electrons. What happens if no electrons are present to excite? You get tired and ECT slows. In our body AM sunlight is designed to power up electrons and they get assigned a spin in mitochondria to make free radicals. This process is also ruined in floxed patients. So sunlight acts as the currency for the compound pharmacy in your pituitary every day to make things we need from light. This process is usually broken in floxed patients. The electromagnetic spectrum has 73 octaves. Visible light only makes up one octave of the spectrum of light. If you understand factorial math, that means within our one octave, our retinal cells are capable of controlling many biochemicals substrates. Our one octave of visible light in the electromagnetic spectrum can handle 8,683,317,618,811,886,495,518,194,401,280,000,000 different frequencies. Each frequency of light can control one chemical. It is well known that when chemical bonds are excited, they will vibrate at characteristic frequencies. Any two or more bonds which have the same intrinsic frequency of vibration can resonate with another. This idea is how a tuning fork that is vibrating can make another non-vibrating tuning fork vibrate through the air to resonate.

What most doctors and few researchers seem to know is that the energy of vibration can be transferred infinite distances theoretically, if the energy within the chemicals or tuning forks is radiated at the speed of light! Above I showed you that Becker showed the photoelectric effect is active in collagen. That means the chemical vibrations in your floxed cells are slowed because the water around them slows the speed of light in your cells. What are the key fixes? New water, and more sunlight, fasting, and ketosis. This must be the order of repair and it the reason is simple. You have to shrink the geometry of your respiratory proteins down before you can add backlight energy or you will fry your mitochondria with too many electrons too early.  In my experience, this takes 18-36 months and the main variable is how much technology a floxed patient is addicted too and how little sunlight they get daily.

Let me say this again; there are 8,683,317,618,811,886,495,518,194,401,280,000,000 different frequencies of light in visible light spectrum from 250nm-780nm of the sun that comes to Earth daily. Each frequency of light has the ability to control one chemical by resonant energy transfer mentioned above. This is a staggering level of power and control that sunlight has on a cell. A floxed person must realize this at once and drop all pills and supplements. Sunlight is your most powerful Rx in this condition. So when you open up any biochemistry book and realize that biochemistry only uses 100,000 chemical substrate in all biochemical reactions we know about in our cells, you realize light is a critical factor for energy management in a cell. When you factor in that the photoelectric effect acts instantaneously on our skin, with no time delay, then you begin to see how 100,000 biochemical reactions can occur per second using light frequencies from the visible spectrum easily. It also makes sense how these light frequencies match the frequencies of the vibrations of chemicals to offer this level of organization.

All sunlight is unpolarized, and unpolarized sunlight interacts with K+ ions inside of your cells to turn water into a “glued sea” inside our cells. that sea controls the speed of light in our cells using something called Fermat’s law. This allows cell water to acts like a colloid plasma would in space. When you are “floxed” you lose the ability to make this glued sea of energy, and as a result, the speed of light in your tissues lowers. when it lowers your tuning fork proteins inside you can no longer connect well to the incoming light fast enough. The result is you feel terrible. Your cortisol is usually ridiculously low and your sleep is destroyed.

It takes time to recover because of the damage was done. Recovery is usually based upon how much “cellular real estate” of the cytoarchitecture is involved. It involves ubiquitination pathways that mark damaged proteins for removal and they only work during autophagy. So intermittent fasting, sleep, and water-based exercises to increase external pressure, and cold thermogenesis are some of the best ways to help someone with this condition while they are increasing RO water and iodine intake via seafood. Supplemental iodine is usually not effective. Once your mitochondria begin to heal and lower their heteroplasmy percentage, then ketosis can be introduced to increase ECT speeds. Using ketosis when your respiratory proteins are expanded and swollen will cause you to develop a more chronic lifelong condition. Removal of the halogens will happen naturally when you replace the collagen by autolysis and autophagy. You need to read my blog and my book, the Epi-Paleo Rx. If you follow these ideas consistently 5-7 days per week for at least 2-3 yrs, you will begin to make a dent because you will recover your heteroplasmy ratio in cells. Heteroplasmy = smaller mitochondria = smaller geometries on the respiratory proteins.

You need water and DHA to replace the lost electrons so you can capture more photon power in light to heal your mitochondria. Heteroplasmy repair is really a sunlight story. To absorb it best you need water replacement and you should be grounded to the Earth. When you add back DHA to most of the cell membranes in your body to become energy efficient once again to make the hormones like cortisol and biogenic amines like dopamine and melatonin.

When you are “floxed” you need a lot of electrons to get better. You also need a sizable dose of natural sunlight. You should avoid blue light and technology too! There is no supplements or therapies that will be your magic bullet, I am sorry to say. It is a terrible disease because of what it does and how healthcare treats patients deepens the insult because few people understand the biophysics of the condition. This really frustrates patients with the condition and leads to serious anxiety and depression. Your body has to recover from the halogen insult, worsens by technology use, and you need to give it the natural substrates to do the job to lower heteroplasmy rates. The use of red light, avoidance of blue light at night, getting daily sunlight on your skin, your retina, and massage/reflexology can be helpful if it is part of your budget.

The big elephant in the room is your use of blue light devices that also use non-native EMF exposure because it destroys intracellular water which is the critical part of recovery; the disease becomes worse because of the addiction to silicon-based technology cause electron leak in our cells. The leakier we are, the longer the recovery will take because the more bad EMF, the more dehydrated you become, subsequently, the worse autophagy operates because of altered calcium homeostasis; this is the process you need to consider to activate to get better.

More information about Dr. Kruse

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