There are individuals on the internet selling books that are nothing more than a compilation of community acquired knowledge that is publicly available in the file sections of some of the bigger Facebook groups.  However, much of this information changes routinely.  There are no ‘cures’ or ‘solutions’, so books labeled as such should be looked upon as highly suspect, especially if you do not have the money to afford the purchase. I do not want to see anyone victimized. Chances of your learning anything groundbreaking is pretty slim.

My best advice is to read certain websites, like this and certain Facebook groups.

There are good books that describe the travesty of FQ Toxicity, in terms of it being a international crisis, such as written by the late, well respected, Dr. Jay Cohen.

If you are new to this plight, please avoid reading the “Flox Report”, which is available in my files section (no I am not trying to subliminally get you to read it!).  Although it does a good job of describing symptomatology and some mechanisms, other areas such as timelines are outdated and can cause unnecessary fear and worry for those not experienced.

Also, it is very important to note that what works for one person, can be a disaster for someone else.  This has been exampled time and time again.