I frequently get contacted, usually from someone new to this plight, about how to detox from the Fluoroquinolones (FQ’s).   This is a complex subject that I admit is hard to clarify given the varied amount of information that is found on the Internet, much of it based on flawed paradigms.  Let’s briefly look at detoxification and, despite what you have read or heard, how most of it does not apply to FQ’s.

First of all, detoxification is unquestionably a natural process that is always going on in our bodies.  Numerous organs and systems including the liver, kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system, gastrointestinal tract, and bladder all contribute to the regular elimination of the natural metabolic byproducts of digestion, activity, and cellular regeneration.

Many aspects of our modern life can make the work of these organs much harder and given our mass produced, highly manufactured, chemically laden society, the burden placed on these organs can eventually lead to a disease process.   However many in the alternative world erroneously suggest that detoxing is possible from FQ’s.  This type of thinking presents an ignorance about how the FQ’s work in the human body.

Now, let me say that it is highly probable that, for many, the FQ’s interfere or ‘throw off’ many metabolic processes.  And for some, eating healthier, juicing, or some other safe detoxifying procedures provides some relief from some of the unpleasant symptoms incurred by these various malfunctioning metabolic processes. Unfortunately, it does not actually address the underlying problems associated with FQAD.  That is why we do not see any better healing outcomes via those who pursue alternative healing methods.

Over the last decade i have talked to hundreds of FQ victims and have had direct and indirect interactions with many, many more.   I have worked with researchers, met with the FDA, and have been foolhardy to pay out of the pocket in the past for expensive health consultants. I have watched groups of people take three paths in an attempt to heal; #1, do nothing, #2 pursue alternative healing methods either through naturopaths, holistic healers, etc…, #3 rely on traditional doctors and traditional medicine.  With the slight exception that the group choosing to follow path #3 has seems to have a slightly worse outcome (give or take a few percentage points), no path has resulted in greater healing over the other.  If a form of detoxing would work, everyone would know about it and everyone would use it to heal and move on with their lives.


  • FQ’s are synthetic not natural.
  • FQ’s can damage both nuclear and mitochondrial DNA.
  • FQ’s can change gene expression and start pathogenic processes.
  • FQ’s do not need to remain in the body to cause long term damage via the above genetic avenues.
  • FQ’s can damage other cellular structures besides DNA.
  • FQ’s can permanently alter the gut microbiome.
  • FQ’s can upregulate MMP’s causing long term connective tissue problems.
  • and on and on (I could literally make a list with over a hundred entries).

So, a simple detoxing regimen may help in the short term, however the ‘detoxing’ paradigms of alternative medicine do not apply to a synthetic DNA damaging/altering chemotherapeutic agent that should not be handed out like candy by our ignorant medical establishment.