Like many of you, I have witnessed first hand how floxing devastates and causes undue hardship on individuals and their families.   It tears lives apart and in manyfundraising cases leaves floxies needing a tremendous amount of help, physically, spiritually and many times financially.   There are people who experience genuine need and need a helping hand. I have created this page to list fundraisers for floxed folks that are in need.  It is provided as a public service and individuals can choose to donate of their own free will if they feel so inclined.  Sometimes just a small amount goes a long way.

If anyone knows of a worthy fundraiser for a floxed person that needs to be listed here, please contact me.

Angela Bates Double Transplant Fund

At the age of 29 Angela was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. After raising her two children as a single mom, she married a wonderful, giving man Greg. Eight years ago, while on antibiotics, she had an adverse reaction which attacked her nerves and her health started to decline. Over the years she has struggled with many severe complications and has not been able to work or do the things that she loves. In August 2015, her kidneys failed and she was put on dialysis. After having complications with dialysis, a double transplant was seen by her medical team as the only option.

My friend Jennifer Wilcox says this of Angela “So proud of the example you lead, your strength of character, sheer determination, and humble gratitude for each new day that you’ve been given inspires and encourages me like nothing else.

Donna Versace

After a failed back surgery Donna was given a prescription for Ciprofloxacin for a UTI . The Ciprofloxacin sadly brought with it more pain and damage to my already damaged spine and chronic systemic illnesses and health issues.  Donna now has tendon pain in multiple areas of her body with very limited use of both hands, pain in the joints of multiples areas of her body, peripheral neuropathy, allodynia (pain from light touch of anything), chronic insomnia, multiple chemical sensitivities (unable to  tolerate chemicals in any form such as cleaning products, beauty products, perfumes & colognes), hypersensitive to sounds and noises, zero tolerance for any stress, SI joint dysfunction and severe tailbone pain (she has to either stand to eat her food now or sit and practically inhale the food quickly because sitting is painful and driving is excruciating).  In addition, the neuropathy and allodynia seemed to have progressed to RSD/CRPS.

Donna is approaching homelessness very soon due to her situation as she has nowhere to go and both her parents are deceased.  The only friends she has left are on Facebook and most of them are from Facebook groups where they are also disabled and in financial hardships as well.

Kristy Schackart

Kristy Schackart ingested Cipro in the year 2011 and to the present she has had so much damage from this toxic drug that she has severe digestive problems which brings severe pain that it’s rendered her disabled. She went from a full life and weight that she has dwindled down to a mere 79 pounds. This has not only been isolated to her stomach she also experiences pain in her back, neck and arms with many other underlying symptoms which range from headaches, dizziness. She is now unable to care for herself and her elderly father has been caring for her and has had to do everything for about five years.