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I am a chronically floxed individual (2 years or more).
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I was prescribed levaquin for a sinus infection that ended up being sinus congestion due to a deviated septum. After 2nd day, I started feeling terrible and was told that it was a safe drug and continue (March, 2010) . I had 21 tablets in total. I have been very sick with many symptoms since then. Since last fall (2017) I finally started getting some energy back but still have permanent reactions all over. My son was given cipro for sinus congestion by another doctor about 2 years later. He had a strong reaction to it with just 1 tablet. He didn’t take the next day’s dose but tried it again on 3rd day. Bad reaction again and threw the cipro away. At that time I didn’t know what caused my health problems yet so I didn’t warn him. He was grown with a family.
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