From time to time I have people ask me for recommendations on products or companies.  Below are items or businesses that I have found to be useful or represent a good deal.  Please rest assured that this is not an attempt to make money but to help people save money or get the most for their money.  I have no personal financial connection to any companies or products listed other than the fact that I  either use the product or patronize the company or it has been recommended by at least several folks from the FQ community. You can read my monetization policy here.

Click on the below links to get more information.

Casa De Sante

This company offers Fodmap friendly spices and foods.

Free Radical Malondialdehyde MDA Urine Test Strips Oxidative Stress Dip and Read (5 Pack)

23andMe Genetics….get your genetics processed to have your raw genetic file for your own personal use while you still can.  I recommend everyone have a copy of their own genetics.  Click on the 23andme Logo to go to their website.



Walk In Labs – On of the cheapest labs for blood tests that I have found.  You can get blood tests without a prescription.




Swanson Vitamins…Swanson is my number one supplement supplier.  I have been using them for some time as they have certain probiotics and harder to find supplements  that I cannot find anywhere else and usually at great prices. Click the logo below, new customers get a five dollar off on first order.




iHerb….I have personally used iHerb as my next go to supplement suppliers for years.  Their shipping is very fast and free for orders over $40 and their customer service is great.




Tart Cherry Juice from by Michelle’s Miracle…click the logo for more information and a coupon code just for the FQ community!