Many people as what can I do to help?  One way to help is by completing a survey or a study.  On this page I will Surveylist Fluoroquinolone related surveys and studies.  Your opinion and your data are valuable to both academic researchers, as well as other floxed folks. Many times FQ sufferers are too sick to even complete a survey, but when you are up to it, completing a survey can be a great way to assist others without expending too much energy.

The following are a list of active survey’s:

The UCSD Fluoroquinolone Effects Study

 A study to identify and describe beneficial and adverse effects associated with fluoroquinolone antibiotics is being conducted by Dr. Beatrice A. Golomb and her colleagues at the University of California, San Diego.  Example fluoroquinolones include Cipro or Ciprodex (ciprofloxacin), Levaquin or Tavanic (levofloxacin), Avelox or Vigamox (moxifloxacin), Zymar or Tequin (gatifloxacin), and Floxin (ofloxacin). Participate in the study here:

Antibiotics After Fluoroquinolones – Survey

From MyQuinStory: Many floxed folks are faced with having to take another antibiotic after having a reaction to fluoroquinolones.  One of the most common questions I get asked is “what have others said about their experiences with antibiotics after fluoroquinolones?”.  The purpose of this brief survey is to capture experiences that floxies have had with antibiotics after the adverse event.  Your experiences help other floxies make informed decisions. Data will be used to update the “What Helps” pages.

Anti-Anxiety Medication Survey

From MyQuinStory: If you have taken an anti-anxiety medication, sleep medication, anti-psychotic, or any other miscellaneous medications to treat your reaction, please take a moment and fill out this survey. Although it looks long, it should only take a few moments. Results will be used to help shed light on a ongoing controversy in the evolution of FQ reactions.