T-Shirt Fundraiser For Fluoroquinolone Awareness

Hi my name is Terry Aston and I reside in Baltimore Maryland.front-big
Please help support our fundraising t-shirt campaign, which will provide visual awareness to the eyes of the world, and assist us with operating costs. We have designed a t-shirt to help bring FQ awareness to the general public, but this cannot happen without your assistance. This has been a dynamic year with a high level meeting at the FDA in  April 2015 and in Washington D.C.  in June 2015. We have also had a lot of media coverage spanning a host of states, and Fluoroquinolone victims sharing their personal and heartfelt stories. It is imperative we keep up the momentum, as awareness is the catalyst for change.

All donations received are deposited into an FQ account, which is channeled directly into operating costs such as printing material, hotels, travel expenses and miscellaneous FQ expenses.There is no personal profit, except the reward of shedding our blood, sweat, and tears, to back-bigchampion the FQ cause. The FQ awareness t-shirt is inscribed with the words and insignia that define our tears, and exposes the drugs that destroy lives. Please help us in our quest to keep our organization strong and alive. Any donation great or small will contribute to the sustainability of our mission and cause.

Thank you for walking with us on this journey to higher ground, where our collective voices will shake the ground of Big Pharma.

To order your T-shirt and support Fluoroquinolone awareness go to:


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...damaged by fluoroquinolones in 2007 at age 46. Prior to, a healthy law enforcement official. Now an amateur FQ researcher, author, and blogger.

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  1. sergio pina says:

    I am going thru the same been taking several antibiotics for lyme and possibly coinfections lately in the last couple of months started getting nerve pain on on 2 fingers now it has spread all over my body and burns on the inside feels like ants are biting me from the inside also body feels toxic which i have bad breath can feel metallic taste in my mouth but im scared to get of antibiotics for my lyme and coinfection treatments been on antibiotics since 2012.taken iv rocephin probably for 3 months on and off,iv cefepime for 1/2 months,im shots pennicillin probably 30 shots or more ,bactrim,zithromax,metronidazole,levofloaxin,cefuroxime ,cipro and others switching one another on and off now my pain and burning and tinglin is real bad all that started like around may and july it was a new symptom that gradually started early in the year 2015 feeling weird in my hands then in september it just spread like fire now dont know what to do.feel like im going to die.any body going thru this .

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