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Recently I did an interview with WebMD on the dangers of Fluoroquinolones. The article “Fluoroquinolones Overprescribed Despite Dangers” recently appeared on WebMD.  The article can be read  by clicking here.

Author Matt McMillen has been covering health as a freelance writer since 2002 and writing for WebMD since 2006. A 1995 graduate of Loyola University Chicago, where he majored in philosophy, McMillen has written for The Washington PostWomen’s HealthGourmet,GQBon Appetit, the Chicago Tribune, and elsewhere. His health beat finds him covering everything from celebrities such as Denzel Washington and LeBron James to breaking news on the latest medical studies. He frequently writes about men’s health for WebMD Magazine, where he also contributes a regular feature on American chefs and their healthiest recipes.

Thank you WebMD for raising awareness and author Matt McMillen for a well written article.



David was damaged by fluoroquinolones in 2007 at age 46. Prior to, a healthy law enforcement official. Now an amateur FQ researcher, author, and commentator contributing to case studies and published papers on the FQ’s in the BMJ, European Journal of Medicine, The Journal of Community and Supportive Oncology, Oxford Academic Clinical infectious Diseases, and contributed data to many more.

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  1. Charles George says:

    Looks like the Pharmacist Heather Free has cognitive dissonance and still thinks FQAD is rare (even though the article says it’s at least 30%) and apparently thinks these permanent risks are ok and we should just keep them “in them in back of our mind”: Death, aortic aneurysm, and Permanent brain and nerve damage. Can we enlighten here?

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