What I Am Interested In?

What I am interested in…

By reading my site you obviously know that I was damaged by taking a fluoroquinolone (FQ’s) antibiotic. In my case it was Levaquin.  I experienced (am experiencing) what is commonly called a severe delayed reaction, with the full onset of symptoms several months after the course of therapy.

Hundreds if not thousands of people have experienced adverse events to FQ antibiotics.  Several of the antibiotics from that class have been taken off of the market due to serious drug reactions and complications.  Reactions to the FQ vary from immediate to delayed. Some reactions are horrific, are very acute in nature and come on suddenly while takindetective_smallg the drug or shortly thereafter, while others come on slowly in a dizzying parade of symptoms that build and morph. Reactions exhibit fairly common set of terrible symptoms that vary mainly due to a person’s physiology, but for the most part each person experiences the same set of symptoms to a greater or lesser degree.

What I experienced is a form of the adverse event called a severe delayed reaction, in where the symptoms of the event present themselves over many months after ingesting the medicine and the reaction is drawn out over a long period of time and become chronic in nature.

I have found many individuals whose reactions are similar to mine.  I am fascinated by the the mechanisms of the delayed event, which fall into the realm of drug induced mitochondrial dysfunction/disease. Although I am interested in talking with anyone who has been damaged by FQ’s, I am particularly interested in corresponding with individuals who are having chronic adverse events like mine that are prolonged and life long.  I maintain a contact pool of people who are having these delayed reactions for support and information. If you feel that you have been damaged by FQ’s please drop me and email or if you have a similar chronic case as mine please contact me.  Since establishing this website, I receive dozens of emails each week regarding FQ’s, so initially it may take me a couple days to get back to you. Click here to drop me an email.