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Welcome. My name is David and I created this website in 2009 to chronicle my experience, observations, and opinions, as I travel through life with damage received after having an adverse event to a Fluoroquinolone (FQ) antibiotic, Levaquin. This blog is the oldest surviving and thriving Fluoroquinolone blog and unfortunately still active in 2023. It is a true grass root’s project designed to advocate, educate, inform and be the impetus for further research.

This website is dedicated to the thousands each year who become chronically impacted and disabled by this entire family of prescription drugs. This supposed “safe” class of antibiotics are given out in hundreds and thousands of prescriptions daily around the world.  Unbeknownst to most, these drugs can cause horrific adverse events that can disable the most healthy of individuals creating long lasting injuries.  These adverse events, which can happen immediately or appear long after stopping the medication, are considered statistically insignificant by drug companies and the FDA, even though their rate of occurrence is very high.

Often, the victims do not know what has befallen them, not suspecting that these drugs could be the cause of their symptoms, especially in those individuals who experience health issues months or years after ingestion. These drugs are often given prophylactically, such as in surgery, without the patient’s knowledge, and are very often given to pets as well. Compounding the problem, the medical community is woefully ignorant to their method of action, unique effects, and the long term damages making the suffering endured by these drugs greatly increased. The FDA knows how dangerous these drugs can be, and have coined an acronym FQAD (Fluoroquinolone Associated Disability) describing the chronic syndrome of symptoms experienced by many victims. However, and quite unfortunately, they refuse to act in a responsible manner that would help safeguard the general public. Currently there is no medical cure and no magic bullet.

Join me as a blog about research, advocacy, and living life after Levaquin.  I love to collect wisdom from those who are chronically suffering after taking FQ’s. If you are new to this plight, please use caution when treading the Internet waters, the information about FQ toxicity can be overwhelming, opinions vary, there is a lot of misinformation, snake-oil peddlers, and emotions that run high. Unfortunately, like many other Internet communities, there are strong inter-community politics and camps of ideas which should also be also approached lightly by the newcomer (especially on social media).   Having said that, those that are in true need of help and are seeking honest answers to their plight can usually find some form of solace.

If you are new, you can read, What is Floxing?  Other links that may help you are the FQ FAQ, the printable FQ Fact Sheet, About Me, the ever popular What Helps page (which is information contributed from the floxed community and its free!), or you can participate in research, donate to FQ research or help in other ways.

I receive many emails each week regarding the Fluoroquinolones from both newly affected individuals and chronically affected alike.  Many times it is impossible for me to return all emails in a timely manner, but I try my best.  Please subscribe to my site using the form in the right hand column.  If you do Facebook, please like my FB page here, which has over 4,000 followers, as I post information there frequently.

Many people email me and ask how I am doing, please read me about page for up to date information.  I have been dealing with this adverse event for over fifteen years.  Although I was forced to work for a handful of years into my adverse events, I am now officially functionally disabled.  I have been diagnosed with drug induced mitochondrial depletion syndrome by Mayo Clinic (acquired).  This is a condition that is chronic and progressing.   I was able to take an early retirement and I successfully obtained disability as well.  Still, between my large family and my health struggles it takes a majority of my time.  I do like to communicate with those who are chronically suffering from adverse events to these drugs when I can, to let them know they are not alone and to share information. Again, this is a true grass roots blog that has no sponsors, is a little rough around the edges and not politically correct. It does not gain me fame (just the opposite as a matter of fact).  I do use affiliate links so please read my monetization policy or pledge if you have any concerns.  Thank you for visiting and may you have Godspeed on your journey.

Please read my disclaimer regarding the use of this site.  Thank you.

Latest Articles

Mitochondrial Retrograde Signaling in FQAD, A Disease Theory

April 22nd, 2023|1 Comment

Based on many years of anecdotal evidence by citizen scientists, and the results of some recent research findings, this paper proposes a theory that, if proven true, would suggest a novel mechanism behind FQAD in an otherwise healthy population in the absence of genetic predispositions.

The COVID-19 Vaccine

May 30th, 2021|17 Comments

A rough look at the COVID-19 vaccine response in the Fluoroquinolone population from the limited data received.

The Fluoroquinolones: An Epigenetic Monster

November 16th, 2020|6 Comments

The fluoroquinolone antibiotics have the ability to reach yet to be discovered pathogenic genetic variants before we have had a chance to research their ability to cause potential harm.

Fluoroquinolone Herbicides

October 17th, 2020|2 Comments

Scientists have been tinkering with the fluoroquinolone family of antibiotics to try and find a herbicide replacement for glyphosate.

  • Chloroquine Zinc COVID-19

Chloroquine, Zinc & COVID-19

March 22nd, 2020|13 Comments

There is a thread of idiosyncratic toxicity that is poorly understood that spreads out like a crack in the foundation and loosely affects all of the drugs based off of this platform.

Cumulative Toxicity Of The Fluoroquinolones

February 20th, 2020|7 Comments

One pill or one thousand thousand, for each person the threshold is different. But make no bones about it, there is a threshold for each person. A line, that once it is crossed, there is no going back.