Creating a Healing Plan After Fluoroquinolones

Knowledge is power; power to inform, power to heal, and power to transform. Besides offering information about ‘What Helps’ from a traditional allopathic standpoint, I want to offer a spectrum of opportunities for those who are searching for ways to heal our bodies post Fluoroquinolones (FQ).

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FQ toxicity, unfortunately takes us into many areas that outpace the current traditional medical environment. Many individuals uncover this unfortunate truth when they turn to doctors that outright deny the reality of their adverse reaction or are powerless to help them heal, often times prescribing additional medications that make matters worse.

Some individuals are fortunate that their bodies’ heal fairly quickly, while others find themselves struggling with longer term or chronic health issues that have been caused by the FQ’s or exacerbated by the FQ’s.

Many who are struggling with health issues post FQ’s are looking for tips or a plan that could be tailored to their specific needs to help put their bodies on a path of healing. We are all unique, and there is no better example of this than how each person is affected by FQ toxicity. There are no two identical cases. What works for one person can be a disaster for someone else. I have written about this many times.

So how to do we approach the healing process post FQ’s, when each of us are so unique?

For this information I welcome Meggan from Snow Drop Herbals (, who offers a unique perspective of science and natural methods, to offer, in my opinion, one of the best plans to place our bodies on the path to healing and a healthier lifestyle post FQ’s.

Meggan writes…

The reason we each respond differently is due our unique characteristics at the cellular level that is coded in our genes and mitochondria. Key enzymes and genetic single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP’s) tell our body how to react to certain foods, medicines, and even situations.

To offer a better chance for healing and to optimize how each system in our body functions each person’s unique characteristics must be taken into account. If all cases of FQ toxicity were identical then healing would be easier.

As a matter of fact if we were all identical, healing and feeling better would be a breeze and all medicines would work for all people, with no adverse reactions to herbals, food or medicine, and allergies, would be a thing of the past!

I find Epigenetics and Nutrigenomics fascinating and enthralling, and a key or core facet of what I call the “Snow Flake Effect”.

“No two snowflakes are the same in nature, hence, no two people are.” The “Snow Flake Effect” meansSnowflake the unique characteristics of each of us at the Genetic or Mitochondrial level, is never the same, and needs to be taken into account when healing

Using the “Snow flake Effect” approach, I have healed myself a great deal, and have been able to help others as well. By using data from personal genetic reports, Intracellular nutrient testing, and other sources I target the best foods, the best herbals, and, very importantly, what to avoid. This information is individualized to each person.

I know what it is like to face such issues. I personally have been affected by Mitochondrial Dysfunction induced via FQs … manifesting in an Auto Immune Disease / Metabolic disorder. If I can heal quite a bit in this unique approach, I see no reason others too cannot get help.

Individuals CAN reduce inflammation, pain, and optimize nutritional status this way as well, that can lead to an overall healthier lifestyle. In Addition to using your genetic data in your healing plan, you can also use your genetic data (SNP variations) to become informed as to what medicines may or may not be suitable for you in a conventional medical setting. This can be very beneficial information to share with your doctor.

Another piece of the healing puzzle is to know your intracellular nutritional status. This shows if your mitochondria, you energy powerhouses, are getting the nutrients they need, from what you are eating. As well this will show GI dysbiosis, cell permeability, and neurotransmitter metabolites.

Steps for Creating a Healing Plan

Here are the steps that I recommend to begin your healing journey:

  1. Embrace Knowledge. Any information that you learn about yourself and your health is beneficial. MyHealingPlan
  2. Get a 23andme genetics test done. Your raw genetic data is vitally important and will prove useful not only now, but in the future as well.
  3. Obtain Intracellular nutritional testing. ~ Suggested labs for this are Spectracell, Nutreval, LabCorp, or Great Plains labs.
  4. Run your raw 23andme data through a 3rd party interpretation site to obtain useful SNP reports. ~ Suggested reports are via ‘Sterling’s App’, or via Livewello.
  5. Hire or patronize a credible consultant that can review your genetic data, intracellular testing, and personal life data to get the bigger health picture of your life, especially areas of deficits that can be specifically addressed.
  6. Create an actionable healing plan that you can begin immediately using the steps above.
  7. Begin your healing plan by starting slow and steady, making adjustments in the plan as you go. This is KEY. It is important to note that as certain enzyme functions regulate, others will need adjusting via foods, herbals etc. As one level of ‘you’ gets on the right track, other enzymes, or SNPS, can ‘wake up’ as well. Through food, nutrition and herbals, you can up-regulate or down-regulate many functions that are too slow, or fast. This is why you need consultations with a credible practitioner that is ‘In the know’ about system responses.
  8. Listen to your body, it tells you so much! And, Enjoy the path to a better feeling you!

Universal Plan Requirements

Post FQs our bodies can become very sensitive to our environment. A responsible healing plan always includes the following:

  1. Healing Intestines and GI
  2. Addressing Leaky cells, or, Cell Permeability issues
  3. Addressing Enzyme snp dysfunction where possible
  4. Lifestyle changes ~ Reduce / remove Synthetic Cleansers, Medicines, and household Toxins
  5. Diet changes ~ NO GMOs, NO pesticides, Clean water are MUSTS
  6. Herbal and Nutritional supplements~ The less excipients the better.
  7. Reducing inflammation ~ Multiple sources such as Brain, GI, Systemic, PN, Acidosis
  8. Finding Happiness ~ Encourage yourself on this road to wellness each day. Find the bits and pieces in your health that are showing improvement, and be happy about them…. And, remember that wellness and health are each a process. It takes a moment for the damage, but much longer to heal.

Some things that are NOT always best :

IV therapy is not for everyone – Test, look at what your body can tolerate, make sure balance in your vitamins and minerals are kept throughout the process.

There is such a thing as ‘Too much of a good thing’. Do not overdo supplements or herbals in your rush to get better.

Some things that I recommend to Avoid:

  • Folic acid, enriched foods and flours, and Glutenhealing
  • Processed Foods
  • GMO’s
  • Pesticides
  • Preservatives
  • ‘Bad’ Fats
  • Certain Excipients of Medicines and Supplements

Healing and body wellness take time, a regime, and clear goals. It is possible, it can be done, and the Snow Flake Effect can be utilized for your individual, targeted health goals to be met! I love the Snow Flake Effect; it makes each of us so unique, special, and interesting, and gives vital clues about what is best for each of us…. I hope you find your road to better health as interesting and rewarding as I do!