No. Despite what you may hear, and separate from the limited academic university research, in my opinion there are no private non-profits that are currently working on the FQ problem from a scientific research standpoint that will produce tangible, real world results.  Oh yes, there are a few smaller non-profits (at least two that I know of) and one of them is, in my opinion, wasting precious money from an already limited supply researching outcomes that will not lead to treatments.  It is my opinion that they are too pigeonholed or myopic in their focus and dominated by strong self-interests that do not work well with others. Seriously, I am not trying to be negative, but pragmatic and practical.  

If you are interested in donating to Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Research or Helping Floxed Individuals, click here.   I have created a page that provides options for those that want to help out. 

The FQ molecule is complex in its ability to damage, especially the DNA. For us as a community, even proving the fact that FQ’s cause DNA damage isn’t good enough. It is essential to be able to identify ‘what’ metabolic systems are breaking down in each individual person, as the trajectory each floxed person takes is different after the initial insult. Thus is the inherent wickedness in DNA damage; different combinations of metabolic systems breakdown in each person. The only way to cast a wide enough net in this heterogeneous mix and elucidate treatments is through science such as metabolomics.

On a nation-wide scope, I support the Open Medicine Foundation. Like I have said all along, the contributions made by the ME/CFS community will one day benefit us all. I have no doubt that in the future the first testing protocol using metabolomics to identify “what” is breaking in each individual will come to the flox community from the ME/CFS community based on their ability to work together, raise money, and identify and fund researchers. There are many, many closet floxies in the ME/CFS community and many don’t even know it.   The Open Medicine Foundation is researching as we speak how to elucidate treatments for ME/CFS through metabolomics and their research will directly benefit us.