It is my opinion that two processes create the symptoms that we see present; both mitochondrial cytopathy and cellular senescence. Both of these pathogenic processes overlap and are interrelated.

These pathogenic processes cause the vast array of symptoms that we see and encompass skeletal muscles and tendons, and dysfunctions in the nervous, visual renal, digestive and circulatory systems.  In a sense every body system can be impacted.

Undergirding these symptomatic processes is the driver of FQ induced defects in the respiratory chain inside the mitochondrion. This assembly line of protein complexes is the heart of the mitochondria and a malfunctioning chain can cause a dizzying array of symptoms.  I have postulated a theory called Mitochondrial Retrograde Signaling in FQAD, A Disease Theory. This theory explains the chronic cases. 

Some of you will understand what I just wrote and others will just go “huh?”   Seriously, I could write for pages and pages but believe me the FQ’s have the ability to insert themselves into almost every body system. That is what makes them such potent antibiotics and such a nightmarish ‘hell’ when things go awry.