GeneticsThe COMT V158M or the catechol-o-methyltransferase (COMT) gene inactivates catecholamines, catechol estrogens, and catechol drugs such as L-DOPA. Variations in this gene are associated with a higher risk of some neuro-physchiatirc disorders, increased sensitivity to a pain and impaired estrogen.

Those with the +/+ polymorphism have moderately reduced clearance of chatecholamines from the neural synapses. The +/+ polymorphism is associated with improved cognition, better memory and attention to tasks due to higher amounts of dopamine in the synapses. It has been found the +/+ individuals are harder to hypnotize.

Those with this variation should refrain from sustained mental and environmental stress and this variation can lead to higher adrenaline levels. Ensure adequate intake of B vitamins, magnesium, and protein.