I have started a Facebook Group – Hacking Fluoroquinolones

Yes, I know.  I constantly lament the ills and downfalls of social media, especially Facebook.  However this group has a specific focus.  I know there has to be some brilliant minds that are in the Facebook Fluoroquinolone realm that are not beholden to certain paradigms or dogma or people. I would like to find them and to slowly bring them in for discussions on how to move forward with what is working, what is not, and to bounce ideas off of.

Brief description is…”’Hacking’ is a positive term; it is more like a “focused innovation”. The mission is to FQ_Bannerenergize and connect the best minds in the fluoroquinolone community to vet out truth from fiction, what works from what does not, cut through all the noise on the web to single out reliable information, regardless of the source. Our goal is to engage in intellectual discussions to see if there is any information that can be used to propose fixes to problems, and/or narrow down treatment options in a shorter time-frame.

We are not beholden to any dogma, paradigm or agenda. Sources of information can be public peer reviewed research, private research, both traditional and alternative, theories, and even hearsay. This is includes the merits and credibility of sources.”

If you are interested in joining PLEASE read the ‘About’ the group description and participation guidelines. If you believe that you would be a good fit contact me.

Please note: The group is not for newly floxed, or those seeking basic answers to questions, nor is it for social support or advocacy. There are plenty of great groups for those activities.

Got a brilliant mind?  Like to think outside the box?  Think you would be a good fit?  Contact me…