Thanks to the fluorquinolones, I now have a complex medical history.  Although I believe in carrying a medical alert bracelet I was looking for something more substantial that could carrying medical records and do so securely. Recently various medical sites have started using USB technology to allow a person to carry medical records to allow more precise treatment in case of an emergency.  If you are like me, besides having emergency personnel knowing I am never to have fluoroquinolones, they now need to know more about the complexities of my medical history.  Most USB medical bracelets that I ran across were, in my opinion, very overpriced.

Recently I ran across The Care Medical History Bracelet .  The rubberized (non-latex) USB medical bracelet comes with preloaded software that allows you to maintain and update your medical records on your computer — log immunizations, health tests, medications, diagnostics, insurance references, resources and contacts as well as emergency data like allergies and potential complications.  Once the data is entered on your computer you can them download it to the USB bracelet. There are NO MONTHLY FEES and INTERNET ACCESS IS NOT REQUIRED to input your information or for medical professionals to read your medical history.  You can also electronically transfer or print all of this information for new health care providers, insurance companies and family files.

Best of all the bracelet is start at $19.99 (plus shipping).  It comes in a varieties of colors and is waterproof.


I have no connection to the company nor do I receive any compensation from any sales.