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Michelle White

I have had several people in the FQ community who have been helped by drinking tart cherry juice.   The benefits have ranged from lower joint pain and inflammation to also lowering cholesterol.   Enough people have shared this with me that it is more than just transient coincidence.

On company in particular that produces high quality all natural tart cherry juice is Michelle’s Miracle owned and operated by Michelle White.   Michelle’s passion is to provide the highest quality, all natural nutraceutical formulas that offer all the health benefits you want and none of the artificial ingredients you don’t. Michelle’s Miracle sells Cherry Works™ Tart Cherry Dietary Supplements.

Michelle is a genuine supporter of the Fluoroquinolone (FQ) community and has true empathy towards those that are suffering.  So much so that she has extended a generous 20% discount on all her products for those in the FQ community. By using the code FQT at checkout you can take advantage of the code. Click on the banner below to be directed to her website.

Cherry_Ad* Please note that I do not receive any compensation from Michelle’s Miracle, this is provided as a service to the FQ community.