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Fluoroquinolones damage mammalian mitochondrial DNA via Topoisomerase II:

This article states “These results suggest that ciprofloxacin may be causing cytotoxicity by interfering with a mitochondrial topoisomerase II”

This article states “quinolones target bacterial gyrases (34) and mtDNA topoisomerases (15),”

Quinolones and damage mammalian mitochondrial DNA:

FDA’s April 27, 2013 Pharmacovigilance Review, where the FDA notes that the mechanism for action through which fluoroquinolones induce peripheral neuropathy is mitochondrial toxicity. 

Pharmacovigilance Review

Fluoroquinolones as adjunct to chemotherapy:
Fluoroquinolone based chemotherapy agents:


Antitumor Power of The Quinolone Antibiotics

Article states “quinolones having significant potency against eukaryotic Type II topoisomerases (topo II)”

Fluoroquinolones described as chemotherapy

“Late Effects” of chemotherapy