Hiding in Plain Sight

“How one of the most commonly prescribed antibiotics is undermining the health of the world.”

Coming Soon…

What started years ago as a multi-part series, has evolved into a work in progress that David will release in e-book form. Maybe, just maybe, it will be released to the printed page one day. It is dedicated to those who chronically battle health conditions brought about by taking a fluoroquinolone antibiotic.

This e-book is not designed to generate fame, notoriety, or money.  Instead it is designed to show people that they have good reason to suspect the fluoroquinolone antibiotics as one of the greatest health travesties of all time.  How this medication is truly undermining the health of the world creating a plethora of mystery illnesses and health conditions that are destroying lives and costing the world billions.

David has traced their dark history, back before their creation, documenting something inherently and seriously wrong with the ‘scaffold’ on which the drugs are built.   Although mainly focusing on the fluoroquinolones themselves, this problem ripples through the entire family encompassing their cousins the anti-malarials as well. Coupled with industry greed and poor regulatory oversight makes the fluoroquinolone a tragedy of historically epic proportions.

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