I maintain two email lists as a service to my readers and visitors:

Please note that I do not share or sell names and email addresses.

1. News, Posts, and Updates

This list is for general news including new posts, when I add new files and important information and important community updates.  This is fairly low volume list.

2. Floxed Fighters

I maintain one of the largest mailing lists of individuals who have been fighting the good fight against FQ toxicity. This list is intended for those who have been fighting this fight for three years or longer or who are over 50 years of age and are battling chronic problems brought on by floxing. I have individuals on the list that have been battling FQ toxicity for over 15 years.

If you sign up, I’ll be sending you the occasional email newsletter (Floxed Fighters) and occasional updates about things that are of interest to those who are battling a chronic condition brought on by floxing. This information may include tips, new research, advocacy and information that is more geared toward the veteran fighters.   Please note that a moderate amount of people on the list are not involved in social media and are older than 55, so this is an important way for them to learn information.

Additionally, if you want to include information to be shared with fellow floxed fighters that are veterans of fighting the good fight, then please email me the information for inclusion in a future newsletter or e-mail update.

If you subscribe to floxed fighters I promise not to inundate you with a lot of unnecessary emails. Although not a high volume list by any means, this list sees more activity then the general My Quin Story News, Post, and Updates list

I hope this clarifies your decision process.    David