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You can email me directly at or can use the convenient contact form below which will email the data directly to me and has a built-in selectable subject field (how cool is that). Please do try to be courteous.  Recently I had a woman question my religious beliefs while criticizing my site content.  At first I thought she was a troll. She was upset when she thought my response was rather rude and called me ‘unlikeable’. Hmmmm.  I am a Christian, but like many, I am a work “in progress.” Many times the questions I get asked are based on information that is readily available on pages such as FQ FAQ, About, Disclaimer, etc…

Anyway, I welcome questions from floxed folks (especially those who are chronically affected), members of the news media, researchers, and medical personnel. Often, with time and health permitting, I will speak with folks by phone since we can cover in 5 minutes on the phone what normally takes pages of typing,  I will however, attempt to work something out that is convenient.    Also, remember, like many floxies, my health is quite variable and some days I am very ill and unable to respond. Thank you.

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