Like many of you, I have witnessed first hand how floxing devastates and causes undue hardship on individuals and their families.   It tears lives apart and in manyfundraising cases leaves floxies needing a tremendous amount of help, physically, spiritually and many times financially.   There are people who experience genuine need and need a helping hand. I have created this page to list fundraisers for floxed folks that are in need.  It is provided as a public service and individuals can choose to donate of their own free will if they feel so inclined.  Sometimes just a small amount goes a long way.

If anyone knows of a worthy fundraiser for a floxed person that needs to be listed here, please contact me.

Jennifer Wilcox Fundraiser

“After over a decade of being chronically ill & mostly house bound without much hope of recovery, my doctors have come across some additional testing that may potentially lead to a new diagnoses (and fingers crossed — maybe even an effective treatment that could improve my quality of life — even a small improvement would be such a blessing).

They think that I may have a serious structural problem along my cervical spine that could be contributing/causing many of the debilitating symptoms that I suffer from daily. To properly diagnose or rule out these potential structural issues I urgently need to have two upright MRIs with flexion & extension, one rotational cervical CT scan, and I will need to pay for multiple consultations with neurosurgeons who specialize in identifying and treating these specific conditions.

Unfortunately, my health insurance has refused to cover these medically necessary scans and the associated consultation fees. After many months of going back and forth with the insurance company & various doctor’s offices, and suffering terribly along the way — I’ve humbly come to the point of needing to ask for help.

My overall condition has been deteriorating while I’ve been waiting, and it’s critical that I get these scans done and move forward with this process as soon as possible. I’m not sure what the outcome of these special scans and consults will be, but either way, the information will be useful as we plan for my medical care in the future. — This is very important to me. I have to believe that suffering so badly and barely getting through each day due to the excruciating pain & intense illness isn’t going to be how my story ends.

If you may be able to make a little contribution toward the cost of these scans &/or neurosurgeon consultation fees, I would be very grateful. Regardless, I’d like to sincerely wish all of you a very happy & healthy holiday season! ”