What is a Delayed Adverse Reaction?

If the patient never connects the dots he/she may never uncover what the root cause of his/her mysterious illness is, or are given a default diagnosis that is a "catch all" for the medical community. Considering the day and age that we live in, it is one of the greatest medical travesties, that is of monumental proportions, that is continually being perpetrated on innocent individuals.

Amino Acids, Could They be Causing You Problems?

Although amino acids are indeed natural, it doesn’t mean that they’re always safe... I think that, at times, some FQ sufferers assume that since amino acids are present in food, that they are benign and would not suspect them to cause problems.

How Would You Respond?

Although, Frank himself is damaged from the fluoroquinolone he received, he also is the delicate position of being convinced that the same fluoroquinolone saved his life.

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