Have you found something that works for you?  Something that alleviates some of your negative symptoms?  If so, that is great, and I would love to hear about it, please contact me.  There is a possibility that I will use the data to help others by incorporating the information in the “What Helps” page or other useful guides.

For the MLM Folks…

On a regular basis I get contacted from individuals who claim to have been floxed, cured, or are concerned with my well being and MLMare members of a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that focuses on health and wellness.   From energy supplements to probiotics to essential oils, everyone who approaches me in this regard has something that they are sure will alleviate my suffering or the suffering of others.

For Everyone Else…

If you are a company or individual that wants me to try a product for symptom alleviation, such as a portable infrared sauna for example, then I am more happy to try it (actually many floxies have found pain relief from FIR saunas).  Just contact me.

Back to the MLM

I get it.  If you are able to ‘sell me’ on a product I could provide a possible windfall in marketing because of my testimony or blog.  While it is true that I have tried and recommended products that provide some relief to floxies, I will not recommend products that fall into the classic MLM.

With MLM, the people at the top are making money due to the quantity of people at the bottom. In reality, very few actually make a living off of the sales of the products, let alone get rich. The prices of the supplements, oils, etc… are also very inflated for the average consumer, and are only “discounted” if you sign up to be a sales representative (this of course, includes kickbacks and additional discounts for the person who “brought you in”).

Let me give you a hypothetical example (actually this recently occurred).  Joe Smith (I apologize if this offends any Joe Smiths out there or anyone who looks like the licensed stock photography model pictured here) recently approached me to try outSelling Me Supplements proprietary health product called “ABC Energy”, that is marketed to help damaged mitochondria.  Sounds great, right?  When scrutinizing ABC Energy’s ingredients, I find probiotics from the lactobacillus acidophilus family of probiotics.  In fact, excess L. acidophilus produces Hydrogen Sulfide which can be toxic to those with mitochondria problems.

Despite the fact that the ABC Energy product may have helped you, I didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday.  I have been researching the damage from FQ’s (a synthetic DNA altering substance from the pit of hell) for a decade know and have a pretty good handle on how these drugs do damage. So, unless you have connections to a research lab and have discovered something ground breaking regarding how to correct DNA crosslinks, topoisomerase induced senescence, or other FQ induced DNA damage, your proprietary combination of commonly used supplements, despite being high quality, are going to be a hard sell, a real hard sell.

Bluntly, I will not contribute to further victimization of individuals who already have suffered greatly.  I really am a nice person, but I have to be blunt from time to time.

Bottom line…

If you are part of a MLM and want to pitch me a product, its a free country (at least here in the U.S. for now) and you can try, but I promise it will be a hard sell.

If, however, you have a product that is reasonably priced, and you believe will it help alleviate symptoms  and want me to try it out for recommendation, please contact me.