Many, not all, western medical doctors in the world dismiss those suffering from statin, corticosteroid, benzodiazepine, gadolinium MRI contrast dye, accutane, propecia, quinine, quinidine, hydralazine, and penicillamine’s persistent adverse effects and drug-induced autoimmune diseases.  The Internet is full of people who suffer from these maladies and have trouble finding doctors to help them.  Many times, the patient is looked upon as having a psychological disorder.

Integrative doctors with MD and DO degrees are more likely to accept, if not recognize, your diagnosis, although this is not always the case. Many integrative doctors doctors choose the integrative method because they do not like  watching people get harmed by unnecessary pharmaceutical use and unnecessary surgeries. Patients tend to choose integrative doctors because they are tired of being harmed by medical treatments that are viewed as toxic and expensive, often unnecessary, surgeries.

Successful strategies for finding good doctors that are intelligent, open-minded and put patients first:

1. Ask around.  Often a good doctor in your area will develop a good reputation with friends and family.

2. Ask if anyone knows good doctors in your area on an on-line support group.

3. Check with the pharmacist at a local compounding pharmacy.

4. Ask employees in the supplements section of the local health food store for recommendations for local doctors.  Often they will know doctors with M.D. and D.O. degrees who are open-minded and will recommend supplements in addition to prescription medications.

5. Go to the website for integrative medical practitioners:

…and near the words “Locate an ACAM Physician”, enter your zip code in the search box and press enter.

As other resources, you can also check how much your doctor is paid by pharmaceutical interests at:

And view doctor reviews:

Because of medical school curricula are almost exclusively memorization, without taking disparate pieces of information and combining them together, most doctors aren’t trained to think critically. Not all doctors are uncaring narcissists with God-like delusions that do not listen to their patients and dismiss anything out of the ordinary as being in your head.  But like the diamond in the rough, find a good doctor often takes times and a great amount of detective work.

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