Hacking Fluoroquinolones

’Hacking’ is a positive term; it is more like a “focused innovation”.  There is not enough being done by health professionals to help those with Fluoroquinolone damage heal. So unless you can afford tens of thousands of dollars on high priced proprietary treatments, your left with having to do things on your own or do nothing.

Pages in this section are dedicated to focused innovation in dealing with the various damages wrought by the Fluoroquinolone antibiotics.  Often victims are forced to become citizen scientists and researchers to uncover cutting edge knowledge and innovation.  Often this ‘thinking outside the box’ is necessary for survival. These pages share tips, tricks, insights and protocols that others have discovered about what works or doesn’t work for them.  Some of it is simple and some involves a more technical/scientific nature.   Hopefully this information can be used to alleviate symptoms involved in chronic floxing.

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The following pages are included in this series (please check back as new pages will be added as they become available).