Other Ways To Help…


Even the during the best of times things can be financially difficult.  On top of that Floxing puts a tremendous burden on people’s lives and hinders their ability to help others even though their heart is in the right place and they have the desire to help.  Over the years, I have encountered many good people who want to help but feel powerless to do so.   Mostly, they just don’t have the financial means to help others. 

If this describes you, I may have a solution. 

If you purchase online supplements there is a way you could still help. Please consider purchasing your supplements through one of these supplement supply houses.   None of these companies pay me for advertising.  What they do is allow me to accrue some forms of credit for supplement purchases made by others.  I have them listed in order of generosity: iHerb, then Pure Formulas, then Swanson. 


iHerb is the most generous, so please consider using iHerb as your supplement source. Again, iHerb does not pay me for advertising but they do allow me to accrue credits for supplement purchases made by others. Customers who use iHerb do not pay a single cent more and the credits iHerb gives are then used to help purchase supplements for those suffering from Fluoroquinolone Toxicity.  Also, you will get a 5% discount if you are returning customer or a 10% discount if you are a first time customer. Again, you won’t pay a dime more but you will help others in need. Plus I have found that iHerb has competitive prices, some of fastest shipping in the supplement industry, and FREE fast shipping on orders over $20.00!   To date iHerb has given over $646.64 dollars in supplement credits to David’s My Quin Story “Life After Levaquin” to help others. 

To automatically have the iHerb give credit with your next order, just click on the graphic below:

Swanson Vitamins

Again,  iHerb has the most generous credit offerings, but Swanson vitamins will also give some credit for purchases if you do not want to patronize iHerb or Pure Formulas.  To have the credit from your next Swanson vitamin purchase count towards David’s “Life After Levaquin” just click the graphic below. 

Genetic testing service 23andMe analyzes your DNA and provides an array of information about your health, ancestry and less ancient relations.  For each 23andme kit purchased. 23andme provides a small royalty used to help keep the lights on.   Just click on the company logo to go to their website. 


If you have decided to make a purchase from any of these companies through the links above and allowed the credits to be given to David’s “Life After Levaquin” for helping others may I say:

Thank You