We are seeking to publish a FQ community driven peer-reviewed case study in collaboration with a researcher from the Southern Network on Adverse Reactions (SONAR) from the South Carolina College of Pharmacy detailing delayed onset adverse events (late effects) to the fluoroquinolone (FQ) antibiotics.


This case study aims to document a greatly underappreciated aspect of FQ toxicity; the delayed adverse event (late effects).  Delayed adverse events were noticed in FQ clinical trial data but have been greatly underappreciated by the medical community and the FDA, in post release circumstances.   Considering recent studies that have started to show delayed adverse events are a possible outcome of FQ therapy, this case study is designed to further bolster the reality of delayed adverse events experienced by those in the general population. 


We are seeking a pool of individuals who have experienced delayed adverse events to the FQ’s that would be interested in participating.  Currently this opportunity is open to individuals from the United States only. If interested fill out the form below. Your name and basic information will be placed in a pool for selection by the case study author. Cases will be selected based criteria that best represent the goal of the case study.  If selected, you will be contacted.  Participants will be expected to represent their case to the academic researcher, or their designee.  


To be considered for participation in this delayed adverse events case study, fill out and submit the form below. Submission does not guarantee participation.  Although the exact number of participants is to be decided, we do anticipate more applicants than available slots; we will only notify those individuals who have been chosen to represent their cases.

Basic Information

Additional Information

Feel free to share or elaborate on your delayed adverse event case, or any other information that you feel is pertinent.

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