Our enemy is a sly one. It is a drug that is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It disguises itself amongst other Wolfantibiotics as a benign compatriot. Yet it behaves like no other and has the penchant to cripple and unmercifully maim. As if this weren’t enough, it is able to separate itself from the damage it inflicts. Through the unique ability to cause delayed adverse events, it creates the perfect storm by separating cause and effect. When the time comes, it then manifests itself in a dizzying parade of symptoms as it acts like a shape shifter and takes on the appearance of dozens of other illnesses that get the blame. Only those who have fallen victim to it actually understand its full potential. Even medical professionals themselves, who have been unlucky enough to become a victim, have been ostracized and dismissed by their own peers when suggesting fluoroquinolones as the culprit. Some in society argue its existence is necessary, saying it’s power is needed to defeat an even more powerful enemy. But with great power comes great potential for damage; And when the cure becomes the disease, we have truly created a monster of epic proportions.