A new and important Fluoroquinolone related website. Fluoroquinolone Stories is a website that is a collection of personal stories about experiences with adverse reactions to fluoroquinolone antibiotics (Cipro, Levaquin, Avelxo, Floxin, etc…). Many times, these reactions are devastating to those who experience them. The stories listed here are in the words of the sufferers and for viewing by interested parties such as, reporters, news anchors, media outlets, politicians and more. Unlike other sites, these stories are listed here without editorializing, comments, or other distracting activities; just the raw stories.

Each story will be tagged according to local, and in some instances metropolitan area, so they can be categorized geographically for contacts. Each person contributing their story is asked to leave a contact email in case a person from the media would want contact them for interview.

The media attention is now growing surrounding Fluoroquinolones. We must keep the momentum moving. The media is being told there are thousands suffering, which I know to be true, the time is right to: Tell Your Story: Be Heard

Fluoroquinolone Stories

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The site can also be reached by: www.levaquinstories.com & www.ciprostories.com

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