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Whether you are a chronic sufferer of an adverse event to Fluoroquinolone, Welcomea family member of a chronic sufferer, someone who is still trying to connect the dots by  learning more, or a medical professional researching Fluoroquinolones, our reason for interacting is a bittersweet one. Almost all sufferers are unwitting participants, having been given an  Fluoroquinolone that they believed was a safe treatment option for their situation.

By now your are probably aware, or if not you will be soon, that the medical community is generally woefully ignorant to the adverse events that these drugs can cause and usually denies the existence of it. One of the main reasons is because the medical community is ignorant as to the method of action of these drugs.  The Fluoroquinolones are more closely akin to chemotherapy (anti-tumor) drugs then they are with other classes of antibiotics.  Watching this brief video will give you more information.

When you first come to this realization it can be a shocking revelation, stripping away the very faith that you placed in the medical community. I wrestled with this fact for quite a while wanting to believe that the system had my best interest at heart all of the time. At one time I too had misplaced my faith in the same medical system, that is, until I became a statistic and I saw the wholesale denial that the Fluoroquinolones could be to blame. Once I became a statistic the whole world changed. A certain veil was lifted from my eyes and I began to see others that were just like me. Not just a handful, nor a few hundred, but thousands claiming the same story and yet being denied the acknowledgment thereof. I wrestled with how a travesty such as this could take place in our world today. A world that supposedly evolved to a certain level of understanding and compassion. I am still wrestling despite acknowledgement from the FDA( read here and here).

One thing that I have learned is that we must change this travesty ourselves since no one else is going to do it for us. Many times we are happy to sit back and allow others to engage the powers that be in order to effect change. This situation is different. We are fighting against a medical policy in the world that must be changed. Those medical professionals that are working the front lines are operating with paradigms that are flawed. Sometimes, through no fault of their own, they repeat what they have been taught, so initially I give them the benefit of the doubt for their ignorance. What I do not condone is the unwillingness, in many instances, to listen to the patient. When thousands of sufferers express that same concerns over and over again and are constantly dismissed then we have an unforgivable travesty.

The drug itself is a sly one. It is a drug that is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It disguises itself amongst other antibiotics as a benign compatriot. Yet it behaves like no other and has the penchant to cripple and unmercifully maim. As if this weren’t enough, it is able to separate itself from the damage it inflicts. Through the unique ability to cause delayed adverse events, it creates the perfect storm by separating cause and effect. When the time comes, it then manifests itself in a dizzying parade of symptoms as it acts like a shape shifter and takes on the appearance of dozens of other illnesses that get the blame. Only those who have fallen victim to it actually understand its full potential. Even medical professionals themselves, who have been unlucky enough to become a victim, have been ostracized and dismissed by their own peers when suggesting FQ’s as the culprit. Some in society argue its existence is necessary, saying it’s power is needed to defeat an even more powerful enemy. But with great power comes great potential for damage. And when the cure becomes the disease, we have truly created a monster of epic proportions.

So what are we to do? For the time being we must rely on one another to survive.  The exchange of helpful information.  I have various helpful links on this website to assist you with your journey.  If I can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.

Again, welcome, and I wish that we could have met under different circumstances, but I hope your journey is a healing one!    David