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Please help support our fundraising t-shirt campaign, which will provide visual awareness to the eyes of the world, and assist us with operating costs. We have designed a t-shirt to help bring FQ awareness to the general public, but this cannot happen without your assistance. This has been a dynamic year with a high level meeting at the FDA in  April 2015 and in Washington D.C.  in June 2015. We have also had a lot of media coverage spanning a host of states, and Fluoroquinolone victims sharing their personal and heartfelt stories. It is imperative we keep up the momentum, as awareness is the catalyst for change.

All donations received are deposited into an FQ account, which is channeled directly into operating costs such as printing material, hotels, travel expenses and miscellaneous FQ expenses.There is no personal profit, except the reward of shedding our blood, sweat, and tears, to back-bigchampion the FQ cause. The FQ awareness t-shirt is inscribed with the words and insignia that define our tears, and exposes the drugs that destroy lives. Please help us in our quest to keep our organization strong and alive. Any donation great or small will contribute to the sustainability of our mission and cause.

Thank you for walking with us on this journey to higher ground, where our collective voices will shake the ground of Big Pharma.

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