Having an adverse event from Fluoroquinolones means different things to different people.  Many people become vulnerable to viruses and must work diligently to avoid illness.

Before COVID, the fluoroquinolone community was already a community of people where some were actively avoiding colds and flu due to the potential complications that they bring.  They were constantly trying products to find new, non-drug methods for prevention. 

Some if the necessary methods are making sure that vitamin D levels are optimal, along with Vitamin A, and others like Zinc, Vitamin C, etc.

Another way that has been proven to be effective for some, is airway cleansing and hydration.

Since the start of COVID a handful of previously floxed people I know have been using a product for upper airway prevention called FEND.

FEND is not a traditional nasal spray. It’s a nasal misting device designed to cleanse and hydrate your upper airways through the inhalation of a propriety mixture of salts.

From an article in Molecular Frontiers Journal. “The  salts  (a  hypertonic  mixture called FEND) associate with mucin macromolecules near the mucus surface, binding mucus molecules together, thereby  increasing  mucus  surface  tension  and  surface  vis-coelasticity23. These effects help mucus surfaces withstand the  stresses  that  occur  on  air  passing  over  mucus  during  normal breathing23, resulting in fewer respiratory droplets in the airways, and fewer exhaled aerosol particles — a form of “airway hygiene.” (1)

FEND claims to capture and eliminate airborne contaminants before they reach your lungs, potentially reducing airborne virus transmission (including COVID-19) and improving overall respiratory health.

For sensitive people, FEND is gentle and comfortable with virtually no side effects or negative impacts. Unlike most nasal sprays, FEND doesn’t need insertion into the nose, making it more comfortable for some users. The mist is described as gentle and non-irritating.

FEND claims its effects last up to 6 hours after just two puffs, potentially offering sustained protection throughout the day. It was developed by scientists at Harvard University as a natural and drug-free using a saline solution with calcium and magnesium, avoiding decongestants, steroids, or antibiotics.

My experience with FEND started in the spring of 2020.  I was on a phone call with a floxed person who was employed in the movie industry and was forced to work during the initial outbreak of COVID-19.  This person had to be around a lot of people every day on the job site.  She had discovered FEND on a recommendation from a friend and had been using Fend to protect her upper airway from viruses while around groups of people. 

Initially, I was skeptical, however, she insisted that I try it and gifted me a Fend spray. Since then, I have used it along with six other people who I tracked their usage.  So far, none of us have come down with COVID, and three of the five have not had any colds or flu during that time as well.

I will be the first to throw in the caveat that all the people I know who use FEND have been diligent about keeping their vitamin levels in optimal shape and taking other proactive steps such as hand washing and actively trying to avoid those who are sick with respiratory viruses as much as possible.  Still, I believe there is something to keeping the upper respiratory moistened to help avoid viruses from taking hold.

Pros:  FEND was developed by a Doctor at Harvard and does have studies that back its efficacy (2, 3). A non-drug alternative to help avoid upper respiratory viruses.  It does have some good science behind the claims, and according to my small sample, there is some good anecdotal information showing that it works.

Cons: The vials of FEND are small and in my opinion not worth the normal cost of a single one-time purchase, however, in my experience they do last a single person about 30 days.  However, there is a workaround that gives you substantial savings and makes the cost per unit reasonable if you subscribe to a monthly purchase.  Fortunately, you can cancel the subscription at any time.

If you do intend to try Fend, I have secured a discount by clicking on their logo below.  You will be shown a discount code where you can get $5 off and if you use the subscription model with the discount code the price is very reasonable.  My motivation is not to ‘sell’ Fend, but to help keep Floxed people healthy during times of heightened respiratory illnesses.  If you use Fend, please let me know what your experience is, pro or con.  I will use the data to help others.