Dr. Bennett Publishes Suicide Risk Academic Paper With Help From The Fluoroquinolone Community

Recently, in July 2018,  Dr. Bennett published a paper about Fluoroquinolone Associated Suicide to the European Journal of Internal Medicine with the assistance of the floxed community.

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Another Milestone Crossed: Fluoroquinolones, The FDA, and Psychiatric Adverse Events

In an astonishing statement from the FDA, they acknowledged that since “Psychiatric Effects” will specifically be identified within the “Central Nervous System Effects” subheading, psychiatric adverse events are automatically assumed to be part of the existing Black Box warning.

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Pulling The Trigger: How the Fluoroquinolones Can Cause Mutations and Disease

Drug’s that can mutate DNA and create a disease process are downright scary. They start the ball rolling on a pathology that often appears later on..

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Another Brush With Death: Returning From The Brink

To those who are new to my plight or are unfamiliar with my personal situation, my life is delineated with a clear demarcation line. The life before taking Levaquin, a fluoroquinolone (FQ) antibiotic, and my life after. My healthy life before and my not so healthy life after. It is my story, my quin story, my life after Levaquin; Extremely healthy in one season, and a struggle with health the next.

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