The Coronavirus or SAR Cov2 or COVID-19, depending on what name you prefer, continues to rage on around the world.  Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity calls the virus the “Honey Badger” because of its reputation as being a relentless and downright mean enemy that has very few weaknesses.  It just keeps coming and is often underappreciated by many individuals in its relentless spread around the globe.

I first heard of this new SARS ‘like’ virus in December.  My first sources that brought this virus onto the radar and sounded that something was amiss were not medical sources but were instead statisticians;  guys who were financial ‘number crunchers’ that were telling those listening that the numbers were not adding up, both in the disease statistics and the money markets.  I started to pay attention in a cursory fashion.

I started seriously taking notice when, shortly thereafter, a good Facebook friend, who is an ex-navy seal and an individual who analyzes global flash-points as a profession, started raising the alarm.   Having been around the world extensively, even in the midst of other outbreaks, he told me that this outbreak had the capability of collapsing financial markets worldwide and basically changing our way of life for the foreseeable future. I admit when he first told me,  I acted a bit ambivalent, and then he soberly looked at me and said, ‘you need to have a plan in place, now!”

In January I started telling my family to prepare, hoping that this information was totally wrong.  Unfortunately, these sources have proved to be very accurate in their predictions.  As a matter of fact, they are predicting very dark times ahead for the U.S. and the world; a perfect storm so to speak, where global supply chains, just in time inventory, and a very real and nasty pandemic, are converging to set the stage for a change in our reality.    

I have to admit trying to tell others about approaching calamity was very awkward at first and I did meet with some resistance and even borderline ridicule from some friends but when the first wave of panic hit the U.S. those in my immediate family and even a few of my friends were not caught up when the third stage of truth (acceptance) hit society.  When ‘acceptance’ sets in, that is when toilet paper flies off the shelves according to Martenson.


One thing that has fascinated me since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak is the ambiguity.  Having always had a fascination with  psychology, the various personal viewpoints about this virus Shocked About C60and the public presentation of information regarding this virus is fascinating.  I have heard every conceivable conspiracy theory that ranges from the plausible to the outright insane.  What is really fascinating is the how various biases and paradigms create extreme barriers to basic truth.  

The same ambiguity that surrounds COVID-19 in a general sense, filters down, more specifically, to proposed treatments for this dreaded virus.  Again, I have heard a massive amount of speculation, and a massive amount of misinformation.  

Although my goal with this article is not to clear up all the speculation, for that feat would be insurmountable, what I can do is clear up a few bits of speculation surrounding Zinc and Chloroquine.

I have been writing about quinine on and off for the last decade in its relation to the quinolone family of antibiotics, more specifically the fluoroquinolones (FQ’s).   I have even begun a book about the Dark History of the Fluoroquinolones in which I am documenting the traceable history from quinine’s discovery through the creation of the FQ’s. You can read the first section here.

Enter Chloroquine

When Chinese scientists first started using Chloroquine to fight the COVID-19 virus I started receiving questions and comments from floxed individuals who had justifiable concerns.  The sheer amount of opinion and misinformation surrounding Chloroquine was staggering.   But before I get to the point of this article, I want to state something right up front: 

I am not a fan of any drug that is based on the quinoline pharmacophore.  I believe there is something inherently wrong with all the drugs that are based on this substrate.  There is a thread of idiosyncratic toxicity that is poorly understood that spreads out like a crack in the foundation and loosely affects all of the drugs based off of this platform.

The Zinc Connection

It has been known for a very long time that Zinc inhibits viral replication. That is why, in the past, that zinc has been used to shorten the duration or stop the onset of viruses like the common cold.  It is known that Zinc can block the replication of the coronavirus.


Researchers found that the more Zinc in the cell, the more inhibition in viral replication.

While on the surface it is great that Zinc appears to stop the replication of a viruses, it is not as simple as that. 

Zinc has a hard time entering the cell without help. 

In order for Zinc to enter the cell in needs the help of something called a “ionophore.” An ionophore is a substance which is able to transport particular ions across a lipid membrane in a cell.  In other words it makes the cell wall permeable so that Zinc can enter the cell and inhibit the viral reproduction.

Why Use Chloroquine?

Chloroquine, despite its toxicity, is a Zinc ionophore, in an of itself.   The greater the concentration of Chloroquine in the cell, the great amount of zinc (as seen in the chart to the right).

Often in drastic situations, when you are faced with a terrible foe, such as the coronavirus, scientists and researchers will look for ‘off the shelf’ treatments that do not have to go through the clinical trial testing. They will often look to older drugs that can be obtained easily to that would provide a novel treatment.

Unfortunately we have seen this type of behavior with researchers and FQ’s in the past.  Researchers often make the assumption that because a drug has been around for a long time it has an acceptable toxicity profile.  In other words, if it has passed the test of time, it is acceptable for use.  In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. 

Is Zinc A Treatment?

Like I mentioned earlier, using just Zinc for COVID-19 it is not an easy answer.    I do know that, like toilet paper, Zinc has been flying off of the online supplement stores like crazy for the last few weeks.   The stockpiling of Zinc seems to have been caused by the same fear that caused many to stockpile toilet paper and can also be traced, in part, to the advice of a veteran pathologist, James Robb, that has circulated social media in recent days.

The following was is the excerpt from the post that caused the flury of Zinc hoarding…

Stock up now with zinc lozenges. These lozenges have been proven to be effective in blocking coronavirus (and most other viruses) from multiplying in your throat and nasopharynx. Use as directed several times each day when you begin to feel ANY “cold-like” symptoms beginning. It is best to lie down and let the lozenge dissolve in the back of your throat and nasopharynx. Cold-Eeze lozenges is one brand available, but there are other brands available.

In defending himself Dr. Robb said, “It was my email to my family and close friends ONLY. Someone put it on their Facebook page. It was intended to be a monologue – not a dialogue. I do not use any social media and may have been too naive about what “sharing” means today.

Dr. Robb went on to clarify, “In my experience as a virologist and pathologist, zinc will inhibit the replication of many viruses, including coronaviruses. I expect COVID-19 [the disease caused by the novel coronavirus] will be inhibited similarly, but I have no direct experimental support for this claim.

Robb didn’t intend, or predict, reaching a global audience, or triggering a zinc buying spree.

Zinc often needs help getting into the cell in sufficient quantities to inhibit viral replication so loading up on Zinc may not be an easy answer. 

I am not a medical doctor, but I do believe that Zinc, in general, is a good supplement for various reasons and I have taken 30mg a day with trace cooper for many years. However, in some, too much Zinc can be toxic and cause unwanted side effects including the leaching of copper from the body or interference with iron absorption.  

If I were to attempt to use Zinc as a preventative measure I would consult with a trusted medical expert and be on the lookout for the Signs and Symptoms of Zinc Overdose.

Chloroquine: History Repeating Itself

It is important to note that Chloroquine, after its discovery, was initially ignored for a decade because it was considered too toxic to use in humans.  Basically, Chloroquine was “re-discovered” during World War II by the United States because of it was desperate to find a treatment for malaria (source)

It is my belief that nothing changed about the toxicity of Chloroquine. The U.S. Government just ignored Chloroquine’s toxicity to be able to use the drug to combat the scourge of Malaria that the G.I.’s were facing in WWII.

Will Chloroquine be used, or possibly be pushed, in the same manner to fight COVID-19?  Only time will tell.

For more information:

To learn more about Chloroquine toxicity or researching medical disorders caused by poisoning by mefloquine, tafenoquine, chloroquine, and related quinoline drugs please visit the Quinism Foundation.

Also see my article “Fluoroquinolones: Their Connection to Older Anti-Malarial Drugs” where I discuss the Chloroquine/FQ connection and also touch on Chemotherapy.