The entire world is currently on hold due to the coronavirus and I realize that it affects everyone’s lives in a negative fashion. For me, the effects have been far ranging. Personally, we have been isolated from loved ones and have even had someone in our extended family die, due to the virus. It has put current FQ research on hold, as the researchers that I was working with have had to refocus their efforts.

As most of my readers know, FQ Toxicity is a devastating syndrome that impacts each person in various ways. It changes a person’s perception on life, and it adjusts how they approach life in general. One of these ways is to do everything in one’s power to mitigate further risk from medications and diseases.

Floxed people are some of the most health conscious people I know, and with good reason.  Many have bodies who are now in a more fragile state of health, so they do what they can to stay healthy and try to avoid getting any further illness or disease.


One of the more common questions I get asked is, “what can I do to increase my chances to prevent from getting COVID-19?

If you have searched the internet you know it is a confusing place. As the old saying goes, the opinions on COVID-19 are like belly buttons,Shocked About C60 everyone has one. And to listen to all those opinions, even ‘so-called’ expert ones, is an exercise in futility and confusion. It is like the weather in Illinois, give it a moment and it will change.  Also, try this experiment, post an opinion on COVID-19 and see what happens.  If you have been seeing the same things that I have, you will get numerous ‘expert’ opinions.

The internet has one big fault, well, actually two, but who is counting.  Anyway, there is too much information, and it overwhelms the senses. Also, anyone can find any numbers of so-called expert sources to bolster their prejudices.

Recently the East Virginia Medical School’s (EVMS) released the Critical Care COVID-19 Management Protocol. This protocol is updated periodically to reflect current critical care knowledge. This is one of the better COVID-19 critical care management guidelines (even includes Vitamin C IV’s and other supplements) that I have seen.  

Their motto is “If what you are doing ain’t working, change what you are doing.

That is a motto that I can relate to.

As part of their Critical Care COVID-19 Management Protocol, they have preventative (prophylaxis) guidelines for supplements you can take at home.  Let me throw in the caveat that I know that some Floxed people cannot take some of these supplements for various reasons, so you should use common sense and consult your trusted health care professional to tailor this list for your situation.  


While there is very limited data (and none specific for COVID-19), the following “cocktail” may have a role in the prevention/mitigation of COVID-19 disease. While there is no high-level evidence that this cocktail is effective; it is cheap, safe and widely available.

On a side note I want to give Selenium, Vitamin A, and S-acetyl-glutathione a strong consideration for addition.

Critical Care COVID-19 Management Protocol.

Those that know me, know that I am no friend of governmental medical agencies, however I will give credit where credit is due.

For the most part I believe that good COVID-19 emergency protocols, unfortunately, are still not being used here in Illinois (at least in the area I live in). We had an extended relative die of COVID recently who was older with no comorbidities and lived near Chicago. I am pretty sure after talking with family that something like this wasn’t followed.

The PDF version of this Critical Care COVID-19 Management Protocol would be good to have available. God forbid, if you would have toEmergency Room go to the ER for COVID-19, it would be a time of turmoil so having something to use as a guideline would be extremely helpful. I am not fully endorsing all the drugs listed, but this document could be used to facilitate conversations with your doctors to formulate an action plan  or to determine if the facility you are at is competent enough to offer you the best medical care. 

Here is the link to the PDF.

In Summary

My advice for floxies is still to try and do everything humanely possible to avoid getting COVID-19.  I won’t go into the lengthy details but it can easily be proven that it is much more serious than the flu and should not be compared to the flu, it can have long term health impacts, even in healthy people,  and can be very deadly for those in certain demographics.  Don’t live in fear, but don’t take any unnecessary chanced.   Humankind has been dealing with this for too short a period of time to fully know all the implications, and because of this we must err on the side of caution. 

Having said all that, I still understand that people need to live and survive in this imperfect world.

I currently do not have any data about any chronically ill floxies who have contracted COVID-19.  When I have some credible data to share from reliable sources about floxed COVID-19 cases, I will get that data out as soon as possible.

Please, be safe everyone.