No. I routinely get asked if I have heard of and/or endorse certain doctors.  Not that I have heard of all of the doctors out there, but I am aware of most of the prominent doctors who claim to able to treat Fluoroquinolone toxicity. From the really expensive ones on the east and west coasts, to some chiropractors interspersed across the U.S that advertised through Google ads, there are several ‘doctors’ who claim to treat fluoroquinolone toxicity.   Despite this: I do not endorse anyone.  

Why? I have the benefit of getting a lot of feedback from people who have patronized various doctors, both good and bad.  Despite what you may hear online or read in the news, or on their website, none of them have a real good track record when you get right down to it.  I have been told about some doctors who scrub the web of negative publicity. 

I have also been told about certain medical professionals who require that the patient sign a non-disclosure agreement refraining from negative reviews. Aaron Minc, Attorney & Founder of Minc Law who specializes in business law says doctors should refrain from including provisions in patient contracts that prohibit, restrict, or penalize patients for writing online reviews. These provisions are unlawful under the Consumer Review Fairness Act and could result in financial penalties as well as a federal court order. (1)

While it is true that doctors may get lucky from time to time when treating fluoroquinolone toxicity , especially FQAD,  when you get right down to it and analyze the specifics, none of them are really ‘curing’ Fluoroquinolone toxicity.   If not, why the positive reviews?

The answer is: low hanging fruit. 

Our friend Merriam-Webster defines Low Hanging-Fruit as the obvious or easy things that can be most readily done or dealt with in achieving success or making progress toward an objective.  This is not meant to be a derogatory reference, it just means that most of the supposedly floxed people that end up being ‘cured’ or successfully treated were done by correcting obvious or easy things.

Let me let you in on a little secret; most of these people were destined to heal either way.  Not to brag, but even I, not being a medical doctor, could probably make an armchair diagnosis about some of the more obvious symptomatology and be right.  I believe that these are the cases that are being helped the most and then touted by certain doctors.    

In 15 years, I have yet to be contacted by someone with chronic Fluoroquinolone toxicity or FQAD who has been cured or even greatly helped by a doctor.   I realize that this is subjective and doesn’t include doctors who have provided symptom relief.  But truthfully, most patients walk away not helped, but definitely poorer.

I am not being negative or cynical and there are some good doctors out there that are trying their level best to help people who are suffering.  I am just telling the truth as I see it.  Generally for every person who tells me a doctor is good at treating Fluoroquinolone toxicity, I get three or four that tell me that same doctor is not good.  If a doctor ever comes on the horizon who actually is helping people recover from FQAD, has a great track record, and is not further victimizing people, I will shout their name from the rooftops.  Until then, I endorse no one.