Tragically is it really quite simple.  The FDA, Doctors, and Policy Makers believe Fluoroquinolone Toxicity to be a relatively rare and a recoverable condition. 

When the typical person experiences Fluoroquinolone Toxicity they understand just how horrible it is.  For many their life is a living hell and they want to recover…now.  Many do recover, but unfortunately some do not.  Those that do recover often leave….and never come back.  Again, the truth is that fluoroquinolone toxicity is so horrible, most people want to put it behind and not look back. 

Many doctors do not report adverse effects to the post-marketing surveillance system. According to the most optimistic studies, it is estimated that only one in 20 adverse reactions is reported either on insistence of the patient or by the doctor’s initiative. They are too busy, they are too unsure, and they do not want to be listed as too proactive in drug awareness. The Flox Report states that on average 13 doctors need to be seen before a patient meets one that is willing to listen that fluoroquinolones caused their problems. 

While many people are experiencing fluoroquinolone toxicity, they gravitate to Floxie Hope, a website that publishes stories of recovery and healing.   Sounds great, doesn’t it? The site also talks about how bad these drugs are, so were good right?  It is all well and good until your realize that this is a double edged sword.  FDA, Doctors, Drug Companies and Policy Makers see stories that reinforce the misconceptions of Fluoroquinolone Toxicity.  I refer to this as misguided positivity.  This positivity actually perpetuates a negative situation. This misguided positivity perpetuates the notion that fluoroquinolone toxicity is recoverable and that these drugs are for the most part safe, and that fluoroquinolone toxicity is rare.  It also alienates those who are permanently disabled by these drugs. 

Recently I ran a small poll on this site asking how many visitors who had experienced fluoroquinolone toxicity believed they recovered only to have symptoms emerge later.  Of 139 respondents, 129 voted  Yes (93%, 129 Votes) and only (7%, 10 Votes) voted no.  That is sad, but makes the point that many of these recovery stories you hear are false. 

Listen, I understand the need for hope.  It is essential for the human spirit to survive. But despite this, I am also a realist. This situation will go on indefinitely and people will continue to be harmed perpetuated by the FDA, Doctors, Drug Companies and Policy Makers that believe Fluoroquinolone Toxicity to be a relatively rare and a recoverable condition.