No, at this time there is no cure. And there is no reliable universal treatment program either.  Please read on….

In order for that to change there needs to be in-depth academic research, and in order for in-depth research to occur we need greater acknowledgement from the FDA and other medical peer groups. Right now, Fluoroquinolone Toxicity, despite acknowledgement from the FDA, is still treated as highly suspect by most medical doctors.   Some doctors believe it is about as credible as the Bermuda Triangle or Bigfoot and relegate it to the lunatic fringe. This is, in my opinion, one of the greatest aspect of the travesty of the Fluoroquinolone Toxicity (FQAD).  Doctors either dismiss the patient or attribute the patient’s symptoms to something else.  Many people come into this community expecting greater acknowledgement from doctors, the FDA, and expecting the ability to find a cure or reliable treatment.

On a positive note, prior to COVID, there was a change slowly starting to take place as more doctors (not all by any stretch of the imagination) and the FDA are slowly starting to recognize that there is a problem.

I have been at this going on 14 years now and have talked to hundreds of FQ victims and have had direct and indirect interactions with many, many more.   I have worked with researchers, been published on FQ’s, met with the FDA, and have even been been foolhardy to pay out of the pocket in the past for expensive health consultants. I don’t say this to toot my own horn but to tell you that this ain’t my first rodeo. I have watched groups of people take three paths in an attempt to heal; #1, do nothing, #2 pursue alternative healing methods either through naturopaths, holistic healers, etc…, #3 rely on traditional doctors and traditional medicine.  With the slight exception that the group choosing to follow path #3 has seems to have a slightly worse outcome, no path has resulted in demonstrable healing over the other.  There are many opinions, but keep this fact in mind, if there was a universal cure you would have heard about it and there would not be thousands upon thousands of individuals in various health forums and Facebook groups supporting each other and looking for cures and seeking to make a change in our medical system.  All these people would be healing and moving on with their lives.

The reason that there currently is no cure lies in the complexity of the damage caused by FQ toxicity. Most of the damage is genetic in origin and it creates a syndrome that can be so widespread that most doctors consider it preposterous. Like I said earlier, in many medical circles, FQ Toxicity is about as accepted as Bigfoot or the Bermuda triangle, and attempting to insist that the Fluoroquinolones caused your symptoms will get you relegated to the lunatic fringe by many medical practitioners. 

If someone tells you they have found a ‘cure’ for FQ toxicity, they are trying to sell something.  Period.  There are doctors claiming to ‘cure’ or treat FQ Toxicity with very, and I mean mean very, expensive treatments.  Despite the extravagant price tags and a handful of claims of success, if they were truly successful everyone would be flocking to them and you would hear stories of hundreds of cures.  Please be careful as there are those who will seek to victimize those in the FQ community, or anyone who is experiencing chronic health issues, by charging for ongoing frivolous consultations, very expensive supplements, proprietary stem cell treatments and I.V’s, and or unconventional medical equipment.  I have written a cautionary tale about Internet Health Consultants.  Most medical systems, including those practiced by well-meaning naturopaths and homeopaths, follow paradigms.  Experience has shown that floxing falls outside these paradigms because you are looking at damaged caused by a synthetic, DNA altering, chemotherapeutic substance.

Now, by this point in this FAQ you may be getting bummed out.  Seriously, I am not trying to be a Debbie Downer.  It is not to say that people do not heal, some do, some even recover quite successfully.  Recovery is dependent of many factors such as age, cumulative dosage limits, genetics, environment, and more. Even so, there have been individuals who have found relief from various symptoms by finding solutions tailored to their body but, as with most helpful substances or routines, they are tailored to the individual.  What helps heal one person can do tremendous damage to someone else.  At this time, time plus very clean living is the best healer for many.  If you find something that you believe helps you, great.  If it made a big difference let me know about it.  Just be careful recommending it to someone else.