Overtime I have received feedback through my blog that a treatment forum, or a place to discuss techniques for healing, for fluorquinolone (FQ) sufferers was needed. Recently the responses to a poll that I posted showed that many desired that type of forum. Although Facebook provides some avenues for sharing this type of information, etc… it’s constantly changing environment gears it more for social interaction and less for a repository of exchanged treatment options, ideas, etc…. Plus Facebook is harder to search and locate dated information.

It is well known that there is no 100% cure for being damaged from the FQs. This does not mean that there have not been people who have successfully treated certain symptoms and conditions that arose because of their FQ related damage.

As a matter a fact, there have been those who have been unknowingly affected by FQ’s and have successfully treated certain aspects of their condition such as chronic fatigue without realizing the initial cause was FQ exposure.

Because of this, and the fact that several people have expressed their interest, I am sponsoring a new Fluoroquinolone Forum. The forum will be a place for those who are chronically affected by fluoroquinolones to talk about and share healing and treatment information in a variety of areas. The forum will be semi-private, meaning that only certain areas will be available to guests, and a person must be a registered member, approved by an admin, to view and participate in the forum. Information will be kept easily accessible and hopefully easy to search and find for future reference.

There have been forums in the past that were fairly successful but unfortunately shut down with the loss of helpful data. My goal is to create a private forum where FQ sufferers, especially those who have been chronically affected, can exchange helpful information to assist in healing their conditions. It will take time to populate the forum and get constant information flowing but in the long run it could serve as a helpful resource for those suffering.

The forum can be found at: http://forum.myquinstory.info or  http://forum.myquinstory.com